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Leave Lady Gaga Alone

If you’ve read my blogs so far, you’ll know I’m a big self-acceptance advocate. I think body image is talked about way too much, and almost always it’s in a negative light. 

After the Super Bowl this weekend, my social media feeds were blown up, but not with anything about football. Not even with anything about Lady Gaga​’s performance. But rather, body shaming her. There were tweets sent out about how distracted people were by looking at her stomach, and that she needed to hit the gym. 

Lady Gaga
As a college student, so many people I know, myself included, struggle with their bodies and hey, guess what? EVERYONE has rolls on their stomach. It’s literally impossible not to. It’s really discouraging to see how Lady Gaga is treated because of her body, especially after she has been so public about struggling with eating disorders in her past. This is the exact type of treatment that fuels eating disorders, fuels negative self-talk, and thoughts of not being good enough.
Project Heal wrote a great blog post about this that you should definitely all read here!

It’s blogs and people like the ones at Project Heal who have been coming back at all this Lady Gaga body hate and making me feel a little bit better. A relatively unknown social media community is the BOPO, or body positive community, and they are all about embracing their bodies as they are.

Aerie is a part of this community, as they don’t brush up or photoshop any of their models, and hire models of all shapes and sizes. Iskra Lawrence is one of them and has been extremely influential on me, and I was lucky enough to hear her speak at the 2016 Chicago NEDA walk.

So, my fellow college students, don’t fall into the traps of the body shamers and haters and people who spend their days purposely seeking out people to destroy. Engage in the BOPO community, the people full of acceptance and self-love, not denial and self-hate, because truly everyBODY is beautiful. Lady Gaga, you’re beautiful.