Leftover Meal Plan Money

Sophomore year I lived in Sheffield Square apartments, and thus had a partial meal plan. That was my first year living on my own, however, so at all costs I wanted to dodge eating dining hall food, and wanted to embrace the freedom of grocery shopping and cooking for myself. Basically, I was left with hundreds of dollars of meal plan money and very little time, because it’s now expiring at the end of this school year. 

So, here are my tips for getting the most out of your meal plan, and the ways I spent it in the last few months.

1. Smoothies at the Ray. I’m pretty much a smoothie addict and make them daily, so why not get buy them sometimes?? I used to buy Whole Foods smoothies but let's be real, no one has that kind of money, and the Ray’s cafe has plenty of options or create your own!

2. Clif bars and Life Water. My two go-tos to eat and drink in class. And, I never buy them at the grocery store because they’re also pretty pricey, so getting them on campus is great! I’ve loaded up on so many Clif bars and Luna bars, my pantry is full of them now. Same with Life Water… (Orange Mango is the best kind).

3. Coffee!! There are plenty of mornings where I don’t wake up early enough to make coffee but definitely need that extra boost of energy in an iced cold brew with soy milk. 

4. Literally any snacks. Having a little “grocery store” in the dining hall has been such a lifesaver! They recently redid it all too and they have so many options! (I even bought essential oils there…!)