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Why I Chose DePaul

I chose DePaul because of their film program.

Because of internship and job opportunities in the future.

Because it was close to home but not too close that I’d be there all the time.

I chose DePaul because I went to school in Canada my freshman year and desperately missed the city.

Because it’s a diverse school and I wanted to get away from the same-ness of my hometown and high school.

Because I desperately wanted to fast forward to the life phase where you live in the city with all your good friends above a coffee shop and skip work to sit on a big orange couch all day, and this was the next best things to living the “Friends” life.

I chose DePaul because it mixed city school life (Loop campus) with college campus feel (Lincoln Park).

Because if you’re a film major you take classes at Cinespace.

Because they had an LA program where you spent a quarter out there with an internship and taking classes (too bad I switched majors to Journalism halfway through my college career).

Because they have a large number of transfer students each year so I knew I’d feel welcomed.

Because they easily transferred my credits, even though they were coming from another country and being changed from the semester system to the quarter system (I mean how awesome is that?!)

Because they have a number of housing options, from dorms to on-campus apartments to 1237 West.

I chose DePaul because I never want to leave this city.