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All Hallows Eve

​Halloween doesn’t have to break the bank! Yes, pre-packaged Halloween costumes can cost anywhere from $40-$80, but who has that much money to spend on just one weekend? Plus, in college, Halloween tends to span over an entire weekend, so unless you’re willing to spend over $100 on two costumes in just one weekend, you’ve got to be creative!

Putting together a DIY-homemade costume doesn’t have to cost a lot money and you don’t even have to know how to sew! I’ve compiled a list of some costumes (mostly for girls) that won’t break the bank and use a lot items you might already have around the house plus some simple, inexpensive things to pick up from a craft store. Remember, creativity is the key to saving money….and looking awesome on Halloween.

1. A BAT – This one is so easy! Just put together an all black ensemble…everyone should have black pants and a long sleeve black shirt somewhere around the house. The only things you’ll need to buy is black fabric to make the cape, and black headband + felt to make the ears. At the craft store just be sure to buy a couple yards of black fabric, cut it and attach it to the black shirt and now you have wings. The headband is even easier because all it involves is a simple black headband and a sheet of black felt. Just cut out the felt and glue it onto the headband by folding them/creasing them in a way that the ears stick up. (this costume is pretty esay to mold into a cat and a raccoon!)

2. WALDO – This one is good for both men and women, and so easy. All you’ll need are jeans, a red and white striped shirt, a red beanie, glasses and a camera to have around your neck. This honestly requires absolutely zero sewing ability so it’s incredibly easy to just throw together at the last minute.

3. NERD – absolutely nothing needs to be bought for this costume! All you have to do is grab some shorts and wear them a little higher than normal, tuck in a shirt, add a tie or suspenders, and glasses! You look fun, silly and totally affordable!