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CYA (College Year in Athens)

​Γεια σας! My name is Zoe Wildasin and I am a sophomore at DePaul studying Public Relations & Advertising and minoring in theatre studies. I love Chicago and life at DePaul, but this semester I decided to leave all that behind and study in Athens, Greece from January to May. I am here studying with a program by the name of CYA (or College Year in Athens). Don’t freak out! You can do just a semester too. CYA is just one of the many programs offered by DePaul’s study abroad office. There are so many places, programs, and lengths to choose from. The possibilities are endless!

Because CYA is a program sponsored by DePaul, my financial aid transfers over to my program here in Athens and I pay the same tuition as I pay when taking classes in Chicago. There is a program fee on top of tuition, but these vary from program to program, and can be covered by an additional scholarship as well.

I chose Athens for so many reasons, one being the flexibility. The program offers many classes that can cover several of DePaul’s Liberal Arts Learning Domains. Some of DePaul’s study abroad programs are better suited for certain majors, and can sometimes even come with internship opportunities. By taking a variety of classes, most of which are centered around Greek history and modern Greek culture, I can learn about the city of Athens and surrounding areas while still earning credits toward my degree.

On the subject of classes; I am taking Modern Greek, Greek Philosophy: The Good Life and the Common Good, Aegean & Ancient Greek Art & Archeology, Gender and Sexuality in Modern Greek Culture, and Attic Tra​gedy Theatre. Most of these classes, in addition to time spent in the classroom, have an “on site” component, which allows us to go and see the very things we are reading about. All of my professors are fantastic.

Another great thing about CYA and reason I chose to come to Athens is that the program is all-English. Some study abroad programs require you to be fluent in the native language before going because your classes will all be taught in the native language. Modern Greek is not widely offered, and therefore not widely known in the states. Because of this, many students would be unable to study in Greece. But, CYA offers a way for you to come, take classes in English and learn Greek while you are here. Keep in mind all students are required to take Modern Greek – I know it sounds intimidating, but it comes quicker than you think.  

I hope you continue to follow my time abroad and feel free to ask me any questions along the way as well!
Γεια σας!