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"Hope That You Journey Is a Long One..."

​​​It’s hard to believe I only have a little time left in Greece​. May 15th will be here before I know it.

This evening after Philosophy class I attended a lecture by Professor Gregory Jusdanis who is currently working with archives of the late Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy ​(most famously known for his poem, Ithaca) here in Athens to then publish a biography of his life.
He was a fascinating speaker and brought light to parallels in Cavafy’s work I could have never made myself.

The poem Ithaca is about a journey and more symbolically, personal discovery.

I have certainly found my Ithaca and begun my journey. The study abroad experience is like nothing I could have prepared myself for, and something I will never have the right words to describe. As anyone could expect I’ve learned so much about the country of Greece, it’s people and culture, surrounding countries, international affairs, etc. but I have learn so much about myself along the way as well.

Here’s to the journey, here’s to Ithaca.

​​​Check out the video below to hear Ithaca by C.P. Cavafy: