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Happy International Women's Month!

Happy International Women’s Month! This month is a celebration of the courageous women in all of our lives, so I thought I would take today’s blog to appreciate some of the coolest women in media doing cool things. First things first shout out to Jameela Jamil. One of the leading actresses on the great NBC sitcom The Good Place spends most of her free time advocating for body positivity in women all of races, shapes, and sizes. Just recently she called out a magazine for airbrushing her skin and making her skin look lighter. She also has an Instagram page that is a community for any and everybody to spread their body positivity. She also advocates against body dieting supplements and is very vocal against normal body standards and the mental distress it causes women. 

actress Jameela Jamil

The next women I’d like to talk about is musician Noname. She is a rapper out of Chicago with ties to Chance the Rapper who similarly uplifts the city with realistic and emotional songs that resonate with everyone no matter their gender. She is a positive influence on up coming artists in the city and someone whose music I would recommend.

And the final woman I’d like to commend is recent Oscar winner Regina King. She won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie If Beale Street Could Talk and it is a tremendous accolade not only for a woman of color but for someone of her stature and career highlights. Support the women in your life and enjoy the month!

actress Regina King