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Three Things I Wish I Knew As a Freshman

College can be a pretty overwhelming place. Coming from a high school with a total of 500 students, it was quite the change in atmosphere when I entered DePaul my freshman year. I was used to seeing friends of mine all throughout the day and knowing everyone in my grade level. I’ll never forget the first involvement fair I attended. I remember all the poster boards, flyers, people, and more. It was chaos for me because there were so many different things to see and there seemed to be no way to navigate it all. It wasn’t until this year (my second) that I started getting the hang of things. I joined DAB (DePaul Activities Board), CCM (Catholic Campus Ministry), DCC (Digital Cinema Collaborative), MOC (Men of Color), did intramural soccer, and participated in several retreats and conferences. 

However, this amount of participation on campus stemmed from one single day in the summer. I was sitting on my bed thinking about how bored I was and decided to log onto DeHub and join some organizations. It was then that I began looking at various student orgs and sent messages to random members asking what I needed to do in order to join. DeHub is a great resource for students and is definitely one of the biggest things that has contributed to my college experience. I wish that I would have taken it more seriously when I first heard about it in my LSP course. 
Second to DeHub would be have the courage to talk to professors and build relationships with them. In my fall quarter I was very shy and did not meet with professors during office hours or talk to them outside of class. However, when I finally began to speak with professors of mine later on in the year, I found them to be really cool and helpful. 
Last but not least, I wished I knew about all the events on campus that had free food. I could have saved a lot of money by attending more student org events and, at the same time, would have learned more about different clubs. So for final advice to anyone that may be an incoming freshman to DePaul talk to your professors, classmates, look at DeHub for clubs you’re interested in, and try new things. 
Thank you for reading my blog and as always stay awesome!