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A Whole New World to Study

The birds are chirping, the grills are coming out, and the car windows are being rolled down. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Summer, of course, is what I am talking about. 

With summer being right around the corner I have found myself in search of new places where I can do work, study, and just focus on school stuff. Sure, the quad ​is beautiful but there are now frisbees invading the space and threatening our heads (which we need to study). And of course there is always the library to study, but with such beautiful weather it almost seems unfair. If you are like me and find yourself in need of some new study environments I have a few tips for you.

 While it is technically still the quad, the hills by the SAC ​(Schmitt Academic Center​) have been a place I used to get some work done. The good thing about this area is that people usually don’t go there to fling their frisbees or toss any footballs around. It is nice, peaceful, and you kind of feel like a king, or queen, as you look down on the people that pass by. 

Two: Arts and Letters​, it is such a beautiful building with an amazing view. The giant windows in the lobby area may not provide the full outdoor aesthetic for you, but it sure does come close. The sun can be seen rising and setting from the very top floor. 

Three: There’s no way I can talk about Arts and Letters without mentioning the patio area right next to it. With several chairs and tables to use and an overall beautiful feel, I often find people sitting on the patio even during the winter. 

Last but not least: The Ray. ​I know crazy right? Maybe it’s a personal thing, but there is something about the fast pace of the Ray that I find relaxing. While others are rushing around and working out, I am simply sitting in my chair doing so​​​me work.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for reading my blog and stay awesome!