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Back to The Future and New Years

Three, two, one, “Happy New Year!” Went everyone as we all embraced in hugs, high fives, and even kisses.

2015 is officially here, or as some of my friends joked, year number -3 since the world “ended” in 2012. With the arrival of the New Year comes new ideas, inventions, events, and more! However, only six days into the New Year and there are already many anticipations. Several of these come from Back to The Future 2.

As the 80’s were coming to an end, the brilliant minds of Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale had to think of what the world would look like in the 21st century. Their ideas consisted of flying cars, auto fit clothing, skateboards that hover, and more. The 1989 film to this day has been a fan favorite and a must see. It has made the year of 2015 famous before people could even say goodbye to 2014. Though many of the fictional inventions have a ways to go, it is always a great feeling to leave an old year behind and have 365 new days ahead.

I am excited to make 2015 a great year and cannot wait to see the Cubs win the World Series (Back to The Future). I hope everyone has had a great winter break and is ready to start the New Year on a good note!

Thank you for reading my blog and always stay awesome!