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Who Moved My Cheese?

​​​​​Who Moved My Cheese? A story written by Dr. Spencer Johnson​. Life is an interesting adventure we go through ups and downs, smiles and frowns, jumping with joy and spinning around. The book Who Moved My Cheese? Tells the story of four characters in a maze looking for “Cheese.” The Cheese is a metaphor for things we want in life such as a job, love, money, etc. Though I have yet to finish the book (I plan on finishing soon), I find it to be an interesting and extremely relatable read. Comfort, stability, and security are what many people spend their whole lives trying to obtain. The book’s intro discusses how these different elements are desires for humans because we believe they make us happy. This causes us to become attached and dependent on these things when we get them, and when we lose them or it gets taken away from us, it can be harmful. I was suggested this read back in high school by my sister, who at the time was in college. I remember being very interested in the idea and concept and therefore decided to read the book. Though I was filled with interest, I failed to finish it due to the fact that I really could not relate to the story. I was a junior in high school that played soccer, volleyball, was in the National Honors Society, a student ambassador, and had absolutely no idea of just how the world and life could flip things upside down. Coming into DePaul, I experienced many changes and different things that really opened my mind and broadened my perspective. One of the things I remember from orientation was the theater school giving a performance on how college is different and “better” than high school. I probably should have taken the play more seriously than I did, but to be honest, the cliché case scenarios that were discussed are all things that have come up in my life. The way people react when in certain environments, the way I was shy to try anything different my first year, and more.

With all the changes going around, it can often feel like things are up in the air and not stable at all. I feel like that right now with final projects taking up a large portion of my time. The thing to remember is that life is all about adapting, or at least that’s what Who Moved My Cheese emphasizes. A person can go from rags to riches or vice versa in a day and the way to survive is by adapting to it. So to my fellow reader, friend, or follower I would just like to say that if your Cheese has been moved recently do not worry. It is all a part of life and while whatever dilemmas you may be facing seem too much, trust me, they’re not. I recently had some Cheese moved in my life and though it was hard at first, I’m still standing and walking through this maze of life.