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DAB and Jerry Greenfield

No one thinks about having ice cream in the winter, especially in Chicago, but that didn’t stop hundreds of students from attending the DAB (DePaul Activities Board) sponsored event of Jerry Greenfield. Jerry, from Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, came to speak to DePaul students about, well, ice cream and give a little insight on the entrepreneurial
experience. Though it was a business orientated presentation, the event was open to all students. Jerry Greenfield made jokes, answered questions, and posed for several pictures with students afterward. The night was a successful one, and there was even a little treat for students at the end. This is one of many DAB events occurring this winter quarter. From what I’ve heard, students loved it and had fun, and there have been many new students interested in joining DAB recently.

So, I would like to pass on an invitation to anyone that may feel like joining a new club, getting more involved, or would just like to get access to awesome, free events like Jerry Greenfield. Stop by the student center on Monday at 5 pm. DAB has its general board meetings then. They are located in the cafeteria in the room by the pasta line. I will be there as usual so feel free to come say hi!

As always thank you for reading my blog stay awesome!