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DePaul Is My Type of University

DePaul University was the right fit for me because of many different reasons. 
I knew that I wanted to stay in the city when I was looking for colleges and that led me to look at DePaul, Columbia, UIC, University of Chicago, etc. One of the major differences for me was the liveliness of DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus​. I remember walking through and seeing so many students racing from one side of the quad to another trying to get to class. It was the quickness of DePaul life that I really found intriguing as well. There was always some sort of activity happening somewhere on campus, never a dull moment. 

Having had my sister attend DePaul, I visited and saw the campus a lot whenever my parents would drop her off or pick her up. Aside from the Lincoln Park campus, I fell in love with commuting to the loop for class. I remember talking to my family about how cool it felt to be in the morning hustle on the L​ to get to class while professionals made their way to offices and work sites. 

In the end I knew DePaul University was the place for me because it simply felt right.