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Finals Week: Resources and Tips

Finals week, we all knew it was coming. The weeks were passing by and those dreadful exams, projects, and papers got closer and closer. 

The holidays are just around the corner, but between some delicious turkey and us lies the moment of truth, did we learn anything in our courses? Hopefully you have and your finals will be a breeze, but I know even though I may study and be well prepared for my finals, I still get nervous. Something I like to tell myself is, “everything will be okay and failing this test will not be the end of the world.” That usually helps calm my nerves a bit, and then I can focus better and doubt myself less during my exam. However, tests are not the only thing most people have to worry about. Along with the exams, there are usually major projects due and/or papers. So for those long nights ahead, here are some places you can go to rest in peace. I mean, study in peace.

One place to check out is the CCM (Catholic Campus Ministry) office located in suite 104 in the student center in LPC. They will be open every day from 9am – 9pm, aside from Friday (9 am – 5pm), and anyone is welcome to come in, sit on the very comfortable couches, and work. Granted the couches are extremely comfortable so you might fall asleep, but the invitation is there. 

DAB will also be hosting a finals study session in the LPSC (Lincoln Park Student Center) room 120 on November 23rd starting at 3pm. Just like CCM, this event is open to all students, but wait there’s more! Right outside of room 120 there will be a tea bar and free massages to help relieve some of the stresses of finals. 

Another thing to remember is the library will be open 24 hours starting November 18th and throughout the rest of finals. So, whether it’s at CCM on a comfy couch, with DAB and free massages, or just at the library in your favorite study spot I wish everyone good luck during this finals week and may we all pass our classes!

Thank you for reading my blog today and as always stay awesome.

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