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Just Do You

Blue, red, and green are my favorite colors. I like the hit AMC show The Walking Dead. I have a huge passion for soccer, but also like to play many other sports. Can you relate? If not, no worries because those are things that I personally like. You may agree with me that soccer is the greatest sport in the world or you may disagree, and that’s all okay. Today, I’m going to be writing about being yourself.

Many times in life, I have felt as if I had to act a certain way in order to be accepted. I thought that if I talked a certain way and wore clothes that were popular then people would like me. Yet, when I would go home and be in my room alone I knew that the person I was pretending to be was far from who I actually was. This year at DePaul has been a very explorative one for me. I have joined several clubs and have taken part in numerous activities from D.A.B. to intramural soccer. I recently told a friend of mine that I am trying to figure out what I like, the type of people I want in my life, and the way I want my life to go. Whenever anyone has asked me about this year I usually begin by listing all the clubs I am in. This is usually followed with something like “wow you’re a busy person.” I think that’s kind of funny because I think of myself as more of a confused person than a busy one. The reason I go to so many groups and am in all these clubs, aside from the fact that they’re fun, is simply because I need to figure myself out. Which is awesome because it leads to exposure to different people and different ideas, which eventually leads to me deleting or accepting new ways of thinking. Year number two at DePaul is going pretty awesome for me, so far.

So now I think about the people around me. What I see on Facebook, what my friends tell me, and what I hear people talking about with their friends leads me to a realization. No one has any sort of idea of what is going on. That may sound bad at first but allow me to elaborate. 

As confused as I feel with certain things, my parents have seen it all, or at least have seen more than me. When I think that something I’ve experienced is crazy, insane, and has never happened to anyone else my parents laugh and tell me a story of their past. They offer advice to me and even understand that I have to make my own mistakes in order to grow. That’s what I mostly hear from others too. “I did (insert awesome story here) because I wanted to try it.” There should be no judgment or wagging of the finger, there should just be understanding and acceptance. That goes for mistakes as well as good experiences because we have to make mistakes in order to learn and we have fail in order to succeed. For my parents, they accept me for who I am. As for who I actually am, well that’s still being discovered little by little every single day. There is one thing that’s certain, and that is that I am just doing me. Living every day the way I want to and not allowing anything, or anyone, to prevent me from trying something new. In the end, our choices are what define us and I would rather be known as the awesome guy that went skydiving than the guy who said he was going to do it but “never had the time.” 

Thanks for reading my blog, as always stay awesome!