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​​​“Do onto others as you would want to be done onto you.” A lesson my parents taught me early on in my life. If I don’t want someone bullying me then I should not bully others. Little did I know back then just how important their teachings would
become. Being in college and working with many different people from different places, it is a value I have become very happy I have. There are many times when I experience cruelty from others in the way they speak and treat me. At the same time I observe friends, family, or just anyone feeling hurt by the harsh words of an individual. In this huge world with so many different cultures and ways of living, it is impossible to go through life believing there is only one absolute way to live. It’s times like these I remember the teachings of my parents and along with that, the new values I am obtaining at DePaul. Attending WLC (
Winter Leadership Conference​) this past year, I learned an abbreviation that has changed the way I approach situations, people, and life. SRL or a Socially Responsible Leader. The dimensions of SRL are something I have written about before, but just to refresh they are:

•      Self-Understanding & Personal Integrity

•      Taking Seriously the Perspective of Others

•      Contributing to a Larger Community

•      Knowledge and Intellectual Competence

•      Striving for Excellence

I am a firm believer in these dimensions. Communicating is difficult and people often miscommunicate creating issues aside from whatever problem may need to be solved. With the five dimensions above, communicating will not necessarily be 100% clear, but it will be a lot clearer and better than a conversation without these dimensions. My hope for anyone that reads this blog, is that you read and understand these dimensions and of course, if given the opportunity, participate in WLC.

Thank you for reading my blog and as always, stay awesome!