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Josue Ortiz

Hello, Hello!

My name is Josue Angel Ortiz. A little fun fact about me, I like to use my whole name on papers and documents because my dad's name is Josue Antonio Ortiz and to avoid confusion, which has happened before, I use my whole name. I was born and raised in Chicago, I am a CDM student double majoring in Computer Science and Digital Cinema. If you don't already know, DePaul has been listed in the top 25 film schools in the nation! Also last year DePaul had a student representing the school at the Oscars. So I am very happy as well as excited to be at DePaul and to be earning my degree from such a notable and awesome school. 

I am a first year student but my ambitions are high! I want to do many great things and meet many great people. Inspirational quotes are awesome and they help keep me motivated, I am trying to think of my own but it's harder than it seems. With that being said, if you ever have something awesome and inspirational you want to share with me feel free to let me know.

What else is there to know? Oh yes! I am a TGIF type of person, aren't we all? I truly believe in “humpday” (Wednesday), there are sometimes I wake up and just want to hop on a plane to Hawaii for a million years. However life must go on so I read an inspiring quote, drink some Limeade (my favorite drink), and head out to face the world. I have some interesting opinions on things, hopefully some of my audience agrees, if not I am more than willing to discuss other perspectives on life, because perspective is what I am all about, and Limeade, I love my Limeade.

With all this knowledge I have just given, I hope everyone thinks I'm cool, or at least a little awesome. I am very excited to be here at DeBlogs and to have the opportunity to share my world with everyone. And thus I leave you, my friends, with an inspiring quote. “You try you fail, you try you fail, but the only true failure is when you stop trying.”

Thank you once again for viewing my profile. Stay awesome!  

-Josue Ortiz