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Catholic Campus Ministry

​Hello everyone and welcome again to my blog. 

Today I will be sharing my experiences at CCM, Catholic Campus Ministry. CCM is full of awesome people, food, and events. I heard about CCM my first year at DePaul but I never joined anything until this year. 

I went to the kick off mass earlier this year and was greeted by a bunch of members. Everyone had a smile on their face and was super friendly, I have never felt more welcomed. Father Memo Campuzano was energetic and awesome during mass. After the kick off mass, I was called by Piotr another member of CCM who invited me to join a small group on Wednesdays. The group has grown from a few guys to around ten now. 

I would highly recommend anyone looking to join a club or organization to check out CCM. The “headquarters”, as I like to call it, is in the student center just across from the chapel. If for some reason you can't find it, just follow the smell of food that is not coming from the second floor. CCM has been awesome to me so far and I look forward to meeting more people and continuing my adventures with them as the year progresses. 

That's all for today, as always stay classy and stay awesome.