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Daffy Duck and Normal

​On Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, there are often posts that make me laugh, inspire me, or make me sad. A post I just recently saw talks about friends and being normal. The picture features Daffy Duck from the Looney Tunes and he says: “I couldn't ask for better friends...More normal ones maybe!!! But, what fun would that be?
Aside from the awesome awesomeness of Daffy Duck in the picture, I was interested by the quote. The reason being is that from childhood to high school, I was always told things like “reach for the stars,” “be unique,” etc.,giving me the awesome spirit that I have to this day. Yet, as much as I was told this, I find it hard to believe in some ways. My senior year, I asked peers of mine why exactly they wanted to go to college. The answers were a variety of “better opportunities,” “more money in a job,” and “to learn more.”

So, this made me think: Am I just going with the crowd? The answer I have come up with is, yeah, I am. At least now I am, in a way, because when the opportunity arises for me to be more than normal, I take it. Something I have heard quite a few people say is that they believe they are nothing special, and that out of 7 billion people in the world, what difference can they really make?

Well, as much as I wish I could make everyone believe they are special, I can't, and so I turn to my blog for help. I want everyone to realize that we do make a difference and our presence in this world has a meaning. If you don't believe your existence is valuable, then I challenge you to look around your world, your life, and the people you know. Think about how they interact with you and how a portion of their life is you. Everyone is special and everyone is awesome-don't ever forget that.

Bringing this blog back to Daffy, I always think about what my perception of “normal” is.I have come to the idea that normal is something kind of like me. Since I think I'm awesome if someone else is similar to me, I would be drawn to them because I think that they act normally. But, if they are not like me, and they do things I'm not used to, then that makes them cool and not normal, in my opinion, because it shakes things up.

So, my friends, I hope that you always remember that you're awesome, you're unique, and don't be normal because, like Daffy says, “What fun would that be?”