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The Grand Finale

By Josue Ortiz / June 23, 2017 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Well, here it is. What was just a constant theme in my blogs throughout this year has now arrived. 

I remember walking onto DePaul’s campus for the first time filled with excitement at what the future had in store for me. Four years, 12 quarters, and countless final exams later and here I am excited once again for what the next chapter has in store. 

DePaul University, you’ve been good to me. 

Thank you to everyone that has helped and supported me throughout these past four years. Thank you to all the clubs and organizations that brought me in, taught me valuable lessons, and enriched my college experience. Thank you to the readers that visit this site weekly and check out our works. 

Lastly, thank you to DeBlogs and everyone behind the scenes making it possible to have our content shared and read by students, faculty, and more. I’ve been with DeBlogs since my freshman year and have somehow managed to find something to write about every single week for 120 weeks (if my math is correct). When creativity lacked, when studies were difficult, and time was limited the DeBlogs crew worked with me and helped me stay on track. Having a weekly blog due made me go out of my way to explore DePaul and my city more than I may have without it. 

I developed personally and professionally from freshman year to senior, working on communicating with the DeBlogs team and maintaining what was expected of me. DeBlogs is also the only program I took part in, aside from my scholarship, for all four years at DePaul. So for those looking for a fun, rewarding experience and a chance to build your creative writing portfolio I highly recommend joining the DeBlogs team. 

Along with this Grand Finale blog is a farewell video​ I made talking about my experiences at DePaul. Give it a watch! That brings me to the end of this blog. Thank you everyone, once again, and for the last time…

Thank you for reading my blog and as always, stay awesome friends!

Josue Ortiz
Class of 2017   

Mazza End of the Year Dinner

By Josue Ortiz / May 23, 2017 / / Twitter / Facebook /
DePaul is an amazing university and I have had a great four years here. 

Cafe Iberico
My opinion is biased, I would recommend this institution to anyone and everyone looking for a higher education. While being a Blue Demon was always on my mind senior year of high school, the reality of tuition and other costs presented a threat to that desire. I was very fortunate to receive several scholarships that didn’t just help me pay for DePaul but actually made it a possibility to attend. 

One of these scholarships came from the Office of Multicultural Student Success . The Mazza scholarship was the foundation of my college experience. It grounded me as a student of DePaul University and contributed to my personal and professional development these past four years. I have been extremely blessed to be a part of such a great mission. I bring up Mazza now because just last Friday we had our annual end of the year dinner. Our group went to Café Iberico in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. 

Cafe Iberico
The restaurant focuses on Spanish cuisine and has been around since 1992. They specialize in tapas, Spanish appetizers or snacks. The food was really good and the atmosphere was also nice. There were shields on the walls with different crests on each one. The experience was nice and I recommend Café Iberico to anyone looking for smaller eats that pack a big taste. As I finished my arroz con leche I looked around the table. I was sitting at the end so I had a good view of the group. Then it hit me; this was my last dinner with my Mazza friends. I’m graduating this year, a theme that has been pretty prevalent in my blogs, and I will soon go on to the “real” world to work and apply my major. 

The underclassmen sat on the opposite end of the table and they were all chatting, cracking jokes, and having a good time. They’ll be back next year, I won’t. As we said our goodbyes there were quite a few, “I’ll see you around” type farewells. From making it possible to attend DePaul, to contributing to my personal and professional development, to creating this family of scholars the Mazza scholarship has done so much for me. 

Thank you for reading my blog and as always, stay awesome friends! 


By Josue Ortiz / March 8, 2017 / / Twitter / Facebook /
​One would think that after four years of attending DePaul University and having a desire to learn about everything the institution has to offer, one might have at least came close to seeing almost all of it. This past Wednesday, I came to realize just how impossible it is to reach such a goal. Taking a detour from our usually scheduled class time, my PRAD 373 professor decided to use this week as an opportunity to showcase 1871 to us, the startup and entrepreneurial hub of Chicago.

1871 is located inside the Merchandise Mart of Chicago. Conveniently staged around several CTA train lines, or “L” tracks if you’re native to the Windy City, it is easy and fairly hassle-free to get to and from there. With an array of shops, restaurants, offices, and more Merchandise Mart serves as a perfect location for 1871.

Thriving in this melting pot of an atmosphere, 1871 provides various programs, workshops, events, guest speakers, etc. for all members. Here is the best part; all DePaul students have access to membership benefits through The Coleman Entrepreneurship Center in the Driehaus College of Business. Students can make a request to use the University’s dedicated space or to attend any of the many events 1871 has to offer. All students have to do is contact the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center.

My friends and I have tried to explore everything DePaul has to offer and yet the more I learn, the more I realize I have even more to learn. It’s a good problem to have, in my opinion. So many resources offered that even in my second to last quarter of being an undergrad I’m still learning about new opportunities for students. Make sure to check out the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center if you’re interested in learning more about 1871.

Thank you for reading my blog and as always, stay awesome!

Post Grad Life

By Josue Ortiz / January 30, 2017 / / Twitter / Facebook /
DeBlogs became the first organization I joined as an incoming freshman at DePaul. As many readers can see, our graduation year is stated under our names just below the profile picture. Back then my year was the furthest away from the other bloggers. “College of CDM ​‘17” it states with the earliest graduation year being the class of 2013. 

Throughout my time at DePaul and with DeBlogs I have moved up in seniority, leading me to 2017 – the year I graduate. It’s odd to see my picture at the top of the page where now graduated alumni once were. It’s metaphoric of the progression in myself and my character, as well as my professional development throughout these past 4 years. The little freshman entering the new realm of college life, being at the bottom of the page and the bottom of class levels. 

So here I am now midway through my last winter quarter and the questions are arising, “what are you doing after graduation,” “got any plans for post-graduation?” I’m applying to a few internships, searching jobs, and staying relevant with which companies are hiring in the Chicago and surrounding suburb area. Sound complicated? 

The Future
Senior year can be quite overwhelming but there are many resources DePaul provides that help make the process a little less stressful. To anyone that may be thinking in advance about their senior year or anyone currently there here are some things I found to be helpful. Having a good relationship with your academic advisor. Even if you’ve gone the past 3 years not talking or talking very little to them, just sending an email with questions and concerns makes a world of a difference. I’ve found that when I just list all my questions and concerns, filter free, to my advisor that is when I figure out the most and sort things the best. 

DePaul’s Career Center and professor emailing lists are also a huge help. Google is a great tool, but many times companies and businesses have a relationship with some DePaul faculty or staff members and that puts you in a better spot to reach out to them and create a bigger network of professional relationships. 

This last part kind of piggy backs off the Career Center. Career fairs and networking events at DePaul are a great way to meet people from all over the place. Usually many of these companies are looking to hire DePaul students because of an alumnus that currently works for them or they have some other connection to the university. I’ve been to some fairs as early as when I was a sophomore and the people are all very nice and very helpful with providing certain information about what they and the company they work for do. That’s about all the advice I have. I hope some of you find this blog to be helpful as you go about preparing for the next stage of life. 

Thank you for reading my blog, and as always, stay awesome friends!  


By Josue Ortiz / September 26, 2016 / / Twitter / Facebook /
I’ve talked about the sunny weather and the great hikes but now let’s get serious. Okay, not super serious but I am going to use this blog to talk about the educational part of being here in LA.

The key idea for LA quarter is to get an internship with a company that interests you. This can be working on creative development, script coverage, visual effects, etc. I currently have two internship positions. One internship is with Division Camera, a rental house on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, and the other is with my professor, Tommy O’Haver.

Josue Internship
For Division Camera I work in the “QC” section, which is short for quality check. I test various cameras and accessories to make sure they work. After I check them, I tag the item and store it for our prep techs. I love the environment over at Division. Everyone I have met is really nice and has taught me many new things. It is also super fun to get hands on experience with different cameras, rigs, and more.

With my professor I get to see different aspects of the filmmaking process. Right now I am assisting him with some post-production work for a movie he just recently finished. It’s cool to see him interact and direct the actors as they go about the ADR process. Side note, for those unfamiliar with ADR it is when the actors come to a sound studio to rerecord lines for the movie. Sometimes a different tone or emphasis on a word can change the way a performance is interpreted. ADR is just another component to the movie process that allows the director’s vision to come to life.

Monkeyland Audio Inc.
Me at Monkeyland Audio Inc. a recording studio I went to for my second internship.
Along with our internships, we also take a normal course load of four classes (undergraduate) or two classes (graduate). Classes meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 PM-9:30 PM which allows students some time to commute after work. We have had, and will have, guest speakers come in to talk about their experiences working in the industry. There are also studio tours, as well as a huge variety of events set up by DePaul. If anyone is thinking about doing LA quarter, I personally highly recommend it (and it’s only week 3).

I hope you enjoyed this blog and until next time, stay awesome!   

Welcome to LA

By Josue Ortiz / September 12, 2016 / / Twitter / Facebook /
The statuses are being posted, the pictures are being shared on Instagram, and everyone is sharing their first day of school posts. Many of my fellow seniors are even saying “last first day of school!” Which is true and makes me excited and nervous, but we will talk about that in a different blog.

Beach Josue

Welcome to fall quarter here at, my favorite university, DePaul! If you’re a new Blue Demon a super welcome to you! This fall I am studying in Los Angeles, California for DePaul’s LA Quarter program. It’s pretty nice over here in LA the weather is warm, the palm trees are cool, and the history is rich. I’ve yet to go to the Hollywood sign but rest assured it is on my to-do list.

For those unfamiliar with DePaul’s LA Quarter​, it takes place in the fall and spring quarters and is for students studying animation, film, and other majors of that nature. I was fortunate enough to get in this fall and will be here until the winter quarter. The main ideas while out here is to get an internship with a production company, explore the city, and network. I look forward to sharing more of my LA experiences with my readers throughout the quarter and if you’re interested in having a more visual experience with me, you can check out my YouTube channel where I will be vlogging some of my days here!

Thanks for reading my blog and once again welcome to another new year!

Stay awesome friends!

I'm Going to LA!

By Josue Ortiz / April 12, 2016 / / Twitter / Facebook /
I frequently talk about the film program here at DePaul University. The reason being is I am a film student. I am now done with the majority of my third year of college and have only this Spring Quarter to complete before I head into my final year at DePaul. 

It’s a bit nerve-racking, I must admit, but some good news has recently come my way. The LA Quarter​ is a program available to students that wish to go to Los Angeles and study for a quarter. It is typically provided for the fall and spring quarters. In order to get into the program you have to submit a piece of work, fill out an application, write a letter of intent, and get a professor to recommend you. All of which, I did about a month ago before the deadline. 

I didn’t tell anyone that I applied, not even my family, because I didn’t want there to be all this excitement if I didn’t get in. Also, I am kind of superstitious and did not want to jinx myself. About two weeks after applying I was onset for this short film titled Cobra Cliff. We were preparing our next shot and I got an email from CDM​ with the header saying “LA Quarter” but no giving any indication of acceptance or not. I pardoned myself from the set and immediately opened the email to see that I had been accepted to the LA Quarter for Fall Quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year. I wanted to jump with joy and excitement and tell all my friends but we were seconds away from rolling so I didn’t. 

Somehow, I held in all my excitement for the rest of the shoot but the moment I got out I texted my family, my friends, and everyone else that would care to know. Today, I share it with you my fellow reader and friend. If you are pursuing film here at DePaul be sure to check out the LA Quarter. I am very excited for this opportunity and look forward to writing to you all from sunny LA next year!

Don't Say It! Midterms!

By Josue Ortiz / February 1, 2016 / / Twitter / Facebook /
​​​The following conversation actually happened:

Me: “Hey, how’s your day going?”
Friend: “It’s going…my professor has us working on our midterm already.”
Me: “Geez, why so early?”
Friend: “Midterms are next week…”
Me: “What?” *Checks calendar* “Whoa…where did the time go?”
Friends: “I know right.”

This blog is about midterms. Yeah! Yeah? Well, depending on your situation, it can be either or. Like the above conversation, mine was more of an “aw man.” See, here at DePaul, times flies by pretty quickly. As a quote I once heard, but can’t remember where it is from, said, “The days are long but the years are short.” Sigh. This is true. Now in my third year here at DePaul, I’ve begun thinking about the post-graduate life and what it has in store for me. I think about jobs, where I will live, my friends, my family, if I’ll have my own dog, the usual questions. However, that’s far-ish away, let’s talk about midterms and some life hacks to help you survive.

1. Study – Yes, good ole fashion hitting the books and getting all that information into your head. Studying is proven to help increase grade results more than if you did not study at all. Think you know the material well enough? No harm in at least reviewing it one more time.

2. John Richardson Library – Libraries have a lot of cool things. Like books that may be useful for whatever class you are taking. Regular library hours are posted weekly on their website here​. It is important to note that during finals week the library is open 24 hours for students to use. I didn’t know that my freshman year, but it would’ve been helpful.

3. Coffee – Yeah! Personally my favorite part of procrastination, I mean, getting my work done in a reasonable and responsible time. Coffee can be your friend. However, it is important to note that coffee should not be the only thing you consume. Water actually helps keep your body awake and alert by hydrating it. DePaul offers frequent and convenient water refill stations all around campus that will have your bottle full within seconds. Coffee and water? Midterms don’t stand a chance!

4. Sleep – It’s actually pretty important. With the hustle and bustle of midterms and finals it can be easy to forget about one of most essential needs as humans. Make sure you are resting, it can be the difference between you finishing your exam and getting an “A” or falling asleep and getting a “F” because you had to turn in a blank scantron with drool on it. Yes, your grades are important but so is your health, so make sure to get some rest my friend.

That is all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I wish everyone the best of luck on their midterms.

Thank for reading my blog and as always, stay awesome!

You Are Awesome

By Josue Ortiz / January 20, 2016 / / Twitter / Facebook /

I remember being told that if I didn’t get A’s and B’s in school that meant I was a bad student. I remember being told that if I didn’t read, study, or act properly I would never succeed in life. I remember being told that I had to dress a certain way and talk a certain way in order to be taken seriously. These things I remember. I also remember the first novel franchise I ever became obsessed with, Captain Underpants.  

With mean old, grumpy Mr. Krupp becoming hypnotized by his students, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, Captain Underpants​ was created to save the world from various villains that threatened our existence. I took an instant liking to the novels written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey. 

With the success of Captain Underpants, spinoffs were produced such as Super Diaper Baby​. It was no question that I would begin to read those as well, given Pilkey’s talent for entertaining writing. Then one day I decided to take another look at the first novel. Usually I would read a book from cover to cover then immediately jump to the next one, indulging in a sort of pre-Netflix binge of literature. However, this time I went to one of the final pages and saw a picture of a man with text just below the image. It was Dav Pilkey and the text was a message to the reader. I cannot recall the full excerpt but what I do remember is the excitement I felt when I read that Dav Pilkey was not really a “good” student and that his teachers told him he would not succeed. 

This changed my world. It is a lesson that I have kept with me ever since that day. We are all unique in our own way and no matter what any teacher, boss, friend, or ex-friend says, in the end all we can do is be ourselves. 

It was not the end of the world if I got anything lower than a B. The teachers that doubted me were wrong because here I am today at a world-class university achieving and succeeding every single day. 

Who would have known that a superhero running around in his underpants would have taught me so much?

Being a Blue Demon

By Josue Ortiz / December 14, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /

The days are long but the years are short. I find myself balancing the daily life of a college student, oblivious to the time passing. I wake up, get ready, grab coffee, take the train to the Loop, and head to class. It is a routine, it is my schedule. 

As I reflect on my college life thus far, I remember when I was a freshman taking my first steps on campus following the student orientation leader like it was yesterday. I was excited, apprehensive, and even a bit scared. I was entering a new world transitioning from high school to college. 

Fast forward, now I am a junior. I am in several different organizations with leadership positions in two of them. I’ve been on retreats with my fellow peers, participated in DePaul’s dance marathon (DemonTHON), planned and coordinated events for the DePaul Activities Board, and more. It has been, and still is, an experience I will remember for years to come. When I think and reflect on the person I am and the values I hold dear, my four years at DePaul will be a major aspect of that. As the days fly by and I continue to go about my routine, oblivious to the time passing, I am convinced more and more every day that I made the right decision by becoming a Blue Demon.

Thank you for reading my blog, and as always, stay awesome.

Bernadette the Movie

By Josue Ortiz / October 19, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Coming soon to a theater, school, and city near you! Bernadette the movie finished production this past summer and has a target release date of spring 2016. 

Professors John Psathas and Patrick Wimp ventured to create a feature length film utilizing the skill of DePaul students and the opportunity provided by CDM’s (College of Digital Media) Project Bluelight. 

With a dedicated student crew, John Psathas, director and producer, and Patrick Wimp, director of photography traveled all around Illinois to create the perfect suburb for their coming of age comedy. Taking full advantage of local Chicago actors as well as students from the DePaul Theatre School, the teaser for Bernadette has been played over 8,000 times with the Facebook page being just shy of 2,000 likes. Several articles mentioning the film have been released through various news outlets such as The DePaulia​, Reel Chicago​, and the Chicago Tribune​. The film is now in the post-production phase but behind the scenes photos, witty statuses, and other content is being released on their social media sites frequently, keeping fans of the film engaged until the premiere. To keep track of the film follow and check out the links below.




 As always, thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy this movie as much as I did working on it. It is a great display of the talent here at DePaul University and an even better display of what good collaborations can create.​


By Josue Ortiz / October 5, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /

T.E.A.M., an acronym I learned at an early age, stands for “Together Everyone Accomplishes More.” Teams are important in life because they help everyone go further than they could ever go alone. With a group working in unity to accomplish a common goal, there are no limits. I’m a firm believer in teams, I have been taught my whole life that it is essential to work together in order to get things done.

I attended a Digital Cinema Collaborative (DCC) event just last week. We had first year students (and others that were interested in getting more involved with the film community) ask mentors about anything they wanted to know. There was one question that stuck out to me: “How would someone that wants to make a movie go about starting it?” Mentors then began answering the student with various responses about the process, planning, etc. Finally, it was suggested to the student to not be afraid to ask others for help. Proud of the DCC mentors, I related to that response the most. 

I often think about how many times we need help. It could be with homework, working out, or our car. Asking for help can often be a scary thing and I know I have personally shied away from requesting others assistance in a time of need. Yet, it is something so crucial to our existence.  

Sports consist of teams, companies consist of teams, and even our world is a team. We see others in need and we help them, or we have a vision and a goal and inspire a group to fulfill it. When people work together and do their role we see giant skyscrapers built, World Series or Stanley Cup championships won, humans on the moon, and progress for a better tomorrow. Indeed as a team, united as one, no task becomes too great and no challenge can overcome us. As Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand." Let’s work side by side for a common goal because together everyone accomplishes more.

Thank you for reading my blog, and as always, stay awesome!

Welcome Back!

By Josue Ortiz / September 23, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
The warm, relaxing nights have now passed and the days are starting to become colder. Starbucks has begun their Pumpkin Spice Latte season and Chicago gets ready to say goodbye to yet another summer. 

There’s always something happening on our quad!
Hello fellow Blue Demons and welcome to another new year of school, the third year in my college saga. With three years here at DePaul under my belt, I find it helpful to pass on a bit of advice to get the year started on a good note. 

Make sure to get involved! 
One of the greatest resources available to DePaul students is OrgSync. OrgSync is where students can find information on all clubs at DePaul.

Try new things!
With so many different opportunities on campus, your choices seem almost unlimited. Don’t see a club you would like to have? Make it! I’ve had several friends that have all kick started their own organizations this year including:  DePaul Eats, Doctor Who Club, DePaul Directs. You can read about more student organizations here​

Become close with your professor!
Professors are awesome here at DePaul, they come early to class and stay after class to talk. They will remember you more if you use them as the resource they are and might even help you out get into your field of interest.

As I sit here in the DePaul Activities Board office, I think of all the decisions I have made that led me to where I am now. The tips above, some provided by fellow friends, are all things that have changed my college experience here at DePaul. I’ll never forget seeing the theatre students perform during orientation. They asked questions like “Who am I? What do I want to do?” Being the cool high school graduate I was, I mistakenly found the skit to be cheesy and not appealing. Looking back to that moment now, I realize just how fitting it actually was. All those questions they asked were questions I was asking myself. The most important tip I would say is to be you.

Thank you for reading my blog, welcome back, and as always stay awesome!

A Whole New World to Study

By Josue Ortiz / May 13, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
The birds are chirping, the grills are coming out, and the car windows are being rolled down. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Summer, of course, is what I am talking about. 

With summer being right around the corner I have found myself in search of new places where I can do work, study, and just focus on school stuff. Sure, the quad ​is beautiful but there are now frisbees invading the space and threatening our heads (which we need to study). And of course there is always the library to study, but with such beautiful weather it almost seems unfair. If you are like me and find yourself in need of some new study environments I have a few tips for you.

 While it is technically still the quad, the hills by the SAC ​(Schmitt Academic Center​) have been a place I used to get some work done. The good thing about this area is that people usually don’t go there to fling their frisbees or toss any footballs around. It is nice, peaceful, and you kind of feel like a king, or queen, as you look down on the people that pass by. 

Two: Arts and Letters​, it is such a beautiful building with an amazing view. The giant windows in the lobby area may not provide the full outdoor aesthetic for you, but it sure does come close. The sun can be seen rising and setting from the very top floor. 

Three: There’s no way I can talk about Arts and Letters without mentioning the patio area right next to it. With several chairs and tables to use and an overall beautiful feel, I often find people sitting on the patio even during the winter. 

Last but not least: The Ray. ​I know crazy right? Maybe it’s a personal thing, but there is something about the fast pace of the Ray that I find relaxing. While others are rushing around and working out, I am simply sitting in my chair doing so​​​me work.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for reading my blog and stay awesome!

Be Motivated

By Josue Ortiz / February 16, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Starting your day off the right way is very important, it can mean the difference between getting the job you want or doing better in class. As a kid, my parents would always tell me that I had to eat a good breakfast in order to get my day going. A good breakfast, in their opinion, usually meant a banana with orange juice and maybe cereal or toast. I’ve never been a big breakfast person but I do get my morning coffee every day.

Aside from food, there are other morning routines that are important to me. One of which usually consists of listening to music and getting the morning rust off me with a little bit of dancing as I get ready. Recently, I found this pretty awesome YouTube video that took a bunch of motivational speeches from movies and put them all together with music. It is great! I really get a kick out of it. It may be considered kind of cheesy by some, but when I hear just the audio without even watching the video, I get pumped for my day. There are several famous speeches and quotes like Rocky’s, “It’s not about hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward,” to Will Smith telling his son in a film, “You got a dream, you got to protect it.”

I like the video because it shares a very special message with its audience. The message is that no matter what happens in life, no matter how difficult things get, and no matter what anyone says you have to keep moving forward. The world is a big place with over 7 billion people in it, with over 7 billion different opinions, and over 7 billion different ways of living. So no matter what anyone says, thinks, or how many “hits” you get from life, get up and never give up. I invite my readers to watch the video on YouTube and I hope that they get just as much out of it, if not more, than I did.

You can watch the video below:


Finals Week: Resources and Tips

By Josue Ortiz / November 19, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /

Finals week, we all knew it was coming. The weeks were passing by and those dreadful exams, projects, and papers got closer and closer. 

The holidays are just around the corner, but between some delicious turkey and us lies the moment of truth, did we learn anything in our courses? Hopefully you have and your finals will be a breeze, but I know even though I may study and be well prepared for my finals, I still get nervous. Something I like to tell myself is, “everything will be okay and failing this test will not be the end of the world.” That usually helps calm my nerves a bit, and then I can focus better and doubt myself less during my exam. However, tests are not the only thing most people have to worry about. Along with the exams, there are usually major projects due and/or papers. So for those long nights ahead, here are some places you can go to rest in peace. I mean, study in peace.

One place to check out is the CCM (Catholic Campus Ministry) office located in suite 104 in the student center in LPC. They will be open every day from 9am – 9pm, aside from Friday (9 am – 5pm), and anyone is welcome to come in, sit on the very comfortable couches, and work. Granted the couches are extremely comfortable so you might fall asleep, but the invitation is there. 

DAB will also be hosting a finals study session in the LPSC (Lincoln Park Student Center) room 120 on November 23rd starting at 3pm. Just like CCM, this event is open to all students, but wait there’s more! Right outside of room 120 there will be a tea bar and free massages to help relieve some of the stresses of finals. 

Another thing to remember is the library will be open 24 hours starting November 18th and throughout the rest of finals. So, whether it’s at CCM on a comfy couch, with DAB and free massages, or just at the library in your favorite study spot I wish everyone good luck during this finals week and may we all pass our classes!

Thank you for reading my blog today and as always stay awesome.

Thanksgiving Tick Tock Clock Countdown: T-minus 7 days, 10 hours, 3 minutes, and 39 seconds 

Post Midterms

By Josue Ortiz / November 5, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
​There's no better week than week 7. Midterms are over, a few classes may not have as much homework because class time was used for the exams or presentations, and students everywhere can take a big sigh of relief. Well…at least for three more weeks we can. 

Yes, midterms may be over and Halloween just happening may have you thinking about the holidays already, but you can't clock out just yet! 

I personally find the post-midterm era of courses to be very interesting. In some classes there are students that have decided to pursue new studies and others students have a new boost in their confidence. 

The post-midterm era is something I thought would be cool to write about after the things I have experienced personally and seen in other people. For example, last year after spring quarter midterms the universe decided to become really awesome. The weather became amazing, the birds came back to chirp, and spring love was in the air with summer not too far away. But where was I? Staring at all of it from behind my class window. Indeed it can be very easy to stop worrying about classes after midterms. In some classes, I have even seen what I feel can only be described as: “The Post-Midterm Apocalypse.”  This is when the population of the class goes from 30 to 10 within a day. It is very easy to do many things online nowadays as about 90% of what I need from my courses can be found on D2L. However, it is still important to lug yourself to class and to finish strong. Mainly for two reasons. One: you will do better in your class, that B could be a B+ or even an A- as long as you finish strong, and two: after all the stress, coffee, work, and insomnia (not the cookies) the reward of lying in bed and having nothing to worry about will be that much more satisfying! 

Thank you for reading my blog today, as always stay awesome and have a good day!

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

By Josue Ortiz / October 13, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
​Refresh the page, click the link, go to winter 2014-15, and repeat! Sound familiar? Well if you're like me, you have probably been stressing over enrolling for classes in the winter quarter. Yes, the course cart becomes available weeks in advance to the enrollment date, but many of the classes have yet to be listed and many more have yet to even have a professor assigned to them. In fact even up until the night before my enrollment day, all but one of my targeted courses had a “TBA” in the room column and a “STAFF” notice for the professor column. This, as you can probably figure, was nerve wrecking for me leading me to stress over my classes. Now I am enrolled for my first choices for winter quarter, and I can look back at my “method” of course stalking and laugh. 

So what's my method? Well I am glad you asked, it's very simple you see:

1.) Attack - Course Cart becomes available and within the first few days I must look at the courses listed for the quarter and pick the dream schedule, which since most classes do not have professor names or rooms, usually depends on times.

2.) Search – Keep an eye for emails from professors and departments that might tell you of a class you had not seen online. If interested refer to step 1 and attack it. 

3.) Hawk – Keep checking your course cart as much as you check your MySpace, wait, I meant Facebook. That's right, you have to be addicted to the point where it is just second nature to check your course cart every single day until you see information containing the professor or the location. 

4.) CIA – So now it's been a good amount of time and the professors are finally listed with their corresponding course. So you can relax right? Wrong!
Go to:​ and do your homework on the listed professor. I like to think of it as a background check to make sure I'm getting the right teacher for me. 

5.) A to B – So you found out your professor is a 1.2 out of 5, but it's okay because in A to B you make a backup list of courses you're interested in just in case something goes wrong with your first plan. 

6.) Tick – Tock – Everything is good now all your courses are in your cart, you CIAed your professors, and all you have to do is wait until your enrollment time. False, you should wait until 5 minutes before your enrollment time and refer to the “refresh, click link, go to quarter” method I mentioned earlier in order to make sure that none of the course you want get closed. In that case, please refer to step 5. 

7.) Now you have all your courses done and you are enrolled. The last step is very simple, write a blog about it and be prepared for all the “thank yous” you will receive for helping everyone out. 

Thank you for reading my blog today! I hope my advice helps you in your endeavors to get your courses. 

As always stay classy, stay awesome, and for enrollment week, may the odds be ever in your favor. 

Tips for Finals Week

By Josue Ortiz / June 6, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Finals, that's all I can say and that's all I can think about. Finals here, finals there! What am I going to do? Well, here are a few tips to stay relaxed during some of the most stressful times of your life:

Number one:

Do you have a dog? Dogs have scientifically been proven to relieve stress in people. In fact, DePaul offers a fun activity called “Canines on Campus” were they bring dogs onto the quad and let students pet them and play with them. Not a dog person? No worries!

Number two:

Surround yourself with cool, fun people that will help you relax not add to the pressure and stress you already have. Friends are important and if you need someone to sing you a goodnight song, well they might just be the one. Don't like people? Once again you are in luck!

Number three:

Take five minutes out of your study time to enjoy something. Click away from your d2l tab and watch a funny YouTube video or buy one of those battery powered massage items and put it on your back. Don't want to take time away from your studies? Well you are again in luck!

Number four:

Set a goal for yourself. What are you going to do after midterms? Make plans with friends, family, loved ones for a super, awesome fun day of awesomness. Go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, go to an amusement park, or a road trip. You are in college my friend, the opportunities are endless!

None of these work out for you? Well, I tried. A for effort? I wish my professors believed in that.

Thank you - as always my name is Josue A. Ortiz. Keep it classy, keep it awesome, and most importantly, keep it as stress free as possible.

Professor Help

By Josue Ortiz / May 30, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
“Help me I'm failing!” Ever screamed that out to yourself before, or thought it while trying to study for a class? No need to worry! For the first time in my college career I found myself looking for a little extra guidance for my class. It was my Intro to Computer Scene class and I was working on this one problem that for some reason I could not figure out. I had spent 8 hours working on it and had three different files saved that were attempts to complete the problem and yet, nothing. When I fixed one thing a different thing got messed up, or when I tried a new method I got an error. Needless to say, the whole thing was a disaster.

So I did what any good student should do, I gave up.

Just kidding.

I submitted what I had and told my professor if I could meet with him for some help. Even though I was getting a bad grade on the assignment I still wanted to know how to solve it for future reference. So I made an appointment with him during his office hours and we met, worked out the problem, and I learned. Moral of the story, do not ever be afraid to ask for help and get some extra assistance whether it be from a tutor, the professor, or anyone else. Failing sucks, but it can be prevented.

Thank you for reading my blog as always stay happy, stay cool, stay passing, and of course stay awesome!

Josue Angel Ortiz

Friendly Advice

By Josue Ortiz / May 23, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great day. This week I'd like to take this blog and use it to offer some helpful advice for my fellow peers. Now I know that we all have different ways of strategizing our courses, but what I want to say is take your easier courses in the spring and the more challenging courses in the fall or winter.

This helpful tip was given to me a bit too late for my first year, but I will be sure to use this strategy in my second year at DePaul. Taking your more challenging courses in the fall or winter is overall easier than in the spring for this reason; in the fall most students are coming back from a long summer of either working, hanging out, or just catching up on all the sleep they missed during the academic quarters. Therefore, you are more likely to feel motivated to challenge your mind with harder courses and get that thinking cap going again after its summer relaxation time. This is opposite in the spring, though. Instead, in the spring the weather is getting nicer, students are more likely to think about summer plans, and some friends might be out for break before you and want to hang.

This spring of my first year, I am taking more challenging courses in my current spring quarter and let me tell you something, it has been quite the challenge on me so far. Granted, I think I'm doing really well and I'm keeping up with the demands of my professors, but the beautiful(and lucky) nice weather we have had in Chicago lately makes me think beaches, soccer in the park, and water parks not homework, extra credit assignments, and midterms.

Needless to say, school should always be the first priority, I am just suggesting that those extra, super hard classes are taken while weather is cold and you want to stay home and be warm because it is easier than to stay with your books. Netflix is always there...but that's a whole other blog to write.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Stay classy, stay smart, and as always stay awesome.

Josue A. Ortiz

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