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By Josue Ortiz / May 1, 2017 / / Twitter / Facebook /
One day I was eating lunch with two friends of mine, when one of them decided to begin talking about our university. We talked about sports, academics, resources, etc. Afterward I mentioned that I love DePaul. My friend responded, “Of course you [me] do, you’re like Mr. DePaul.” I laughed because I had never heard anyone refer to me as that. “Mr. DePaul” it has a nice ring to it, but I believe there are others much more worthy of the title.

The conversation did get me thinking about my time here as a Blue Demon (I’m always thinking about it but a little more than usual this time). A story I haven’t shared with many is that the first time I actually visited DePaul was not on a designated visit day or scheduled tour, but as an 8th grader with my older sister. She was the first Blue Demon in our family and one night she brought me along to the Lincoln Park Campus and showed me all the cool things DePaul had to offer. I didn’t immediately think to myself that I would want to attend DePaul I just enjoyed the informal tour. What really stood out to me were the people and the life on campus. I forget exactly what time in the evening it was that we visited, regardless there were students all over the place doing all sorts of things.

The next DePaul adventure I had after that was with a high school friend. We were both sophomores and found ourselves on Fullerton and Sheffield one slow, summer day. Unintentionally walking to the Student Center, I convinced my friend to come inside and walk around with me. I told him I knew where everything was at because I had been there with my sister (funny story I didn’t know where anything was because I had been there with my sister and she guided me). Though we didn’t do much but walk around, I once again found myself with eyes wide open and enjoying the atmosphere I was immersed in. Some students rushed by on their way to class while others lounged with a group. There were all types of stories happening right in front of me and I loved it. Though this was my second informal trip to DePaul, I still did not immediately think I would be attending this institution.

It wasn’t until senior year when I began looking at other universities to see where I would spend my next four years. I looked and visited other place but couldn’t ever find that vibe elsewhere. DePaul wasn’t the priority on my mind but there was an indirect relationship that had been built since my 8th grade year. The people, the campus, the stories, and more are what brought me here. I couldn’t imagine how different my life would be had I not been a Blue Demon. With that being said, I continue to look forward as graduation inches closer and closer, knowing that I will always look back and know I made the right decision by coming to DePaul.

Thank you for reading my blog, and as always, stay awesome friends!

DePaul Is My Type of University

By Josue Ortiz / April 24, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
DePaul University was the right fit for me because of many different reasons. 
I knew that I wanted to stay in the city when I was looking for colleges and that led me to look at DePaul, Columbia, UIC, University of Chicago, etc. One of the major differences for me was the liveliness of DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus​. I remember walking through and seeing so many students racing from one side of the quad to another trying to get to class. It was the quickness of DePaul life that I really found intriguing as well. There was always some sort of activity happening somewhere on campus, never a dull moment. 

Having had my sister attend DePaul, I visited and saw the campus a lot whenever my parents would drop her off or pick her up. Aside from the Lincoln Park campus, I fell in love with commuting to the loop for class. I remember talking to my family about how cool it felt to be in the morning hustle on the L​ to get to class while professionals made their way to offices and work sites. 

In the end I knew DePaul University was the place for me because it simply felt right.