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By Josue Ortiz / February 12, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Belden, Clifton, Corcoran, Munroe, Seton, U-Hall and more!

DePaul has tons of options for any student that may be considering living on campus. Though a commuter, I have made many friends by visiting dorms of people I knew. I’ve been to Belden, Seton, Clifton, Munroe, U-Hall, and University Center. It has become kind of a game for my friends and I to try to get me into all the residence at least once before I graduate.
U-Hall at night

Aside from the friends, both the loop campus and Lincoln Park offer a variety of scenery and activities off campus. From the movie theater on Webster to the variety of restaurants on Halsted and Lincoln DePaul students can get a great experience no matter what time it is.

Conveniently located by the Red and Brown line, students can travel throughout the city with ease. Chicago provides a great learning experience for students outside of the classroom and I would highly recommend anyone considering living on campus to do it.