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Easter Blog

​Eggs, candy, days off from school, and of course the bunny! Easter is a great holiday that I personally enjoy especially when the weather is as awesome as the holiday itself. Like this Easter, I went out with family, enjoyed the sun, and had some food. Though all these things themselves are great let us not forget the real reason Easter is celebrated and that is the resurrection of Christ. 

On previous Easters I had done church, basket giving, eggs, the whole bunch, but this Easter I experienced something really cool and worth knowing about. What I am talking about is The Shrine of Christ's Passion in ST. John, Indiana. At our arrival we were greeted by a giant statue of the Virgin Mary and a fountain that gave a cool, relaxed feeling to the place. I immediately took out my phone and started taking pictures everywhere of everything. We proceeded into the gift shop of the shrine, which was also the entrance to the walkway, and went to the back to exit. There were a few tables set up for people to eat lunch and enjoy themselves on an outdoor patio. We continued and the first thing we saw was Jesus sitting in the middle of a table holding bread and wine with seats surrounding him. It represented the last supper.

The walkway continued to show different moments of the stages of the cross from when Jesus fell to his crucifixion. Not sure if this is true, but I was told that the walkway was measured to the actual distance Jesus had to walk. For whatever it is worth let me just say that my family and I were pretty tired after walked it. The overall experience was great and the shop had a lot of great things to get from cheap key chains, to fancy little models of the last supper. All profits go to helping the area remain open and continue providing its free services to people. If you ever get the chance to go to the Shrine of Christ's Passion, I HIGHLY recommend you do, preferably on a day with nice weather. 

Hope you all had a good Easter, stay classy, stay awesome.

Josue Angel Ortiz