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Friendly Advice

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great day. This week I'd like to take this blog and use it to offer some helpful advice for my fellow peers. Now I know that we all have different ways of strategizing our courses, but what I want to say is take your easier courses in the spring and the more challenging courses in the fall or winter.

This helpful tip was given to me a bit too late for my first year, but I will be sure to use this strategy in my second year at DePaul. Taking your more challenging courses in the fall or winter is overall easier than in the spring for this reason; in the fall most students are coming back from a long summer of either working, hanging out, or just catching up on all the sleep they missed during the academic quarters. Therefore, you are more likely to feel motivated to challenge your mind with harder courses and get that thinking cap going again after its summer relaxation time. This is opposite in the spring, though. Instead, in the spring the weather is getting nicer, students are more likely to think about summer plans, and some friends might be out for break before you and want to hang.

This spring of my first year, I am taking more challenging courses in my current spring quarter and let me tell you something, it has been quite the challenge on me so far. Granted, I think I'm doing really well and I'm keeping up with the demands of my professors, but the beautiful(and lucky) nice weather we have had in Chicago lately makes me think beaches, soccer in the park, and water parks not homework, extra credit assignments, and midterms.

Needless to say, school should always be the first priority, I am just suggesting that those extra, super hard classes are taken while weather is cold and you want to stay home and be warm because it is easier than to stay with your books. Netflix is always there...but that's a whole other blog to write.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Stay classy, stay smart, and as always stay awesome.

Josue A. Ortiz