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​The shadowy figure in the corner of your eye, the giggle you hear at night, or the monster under your bed. Welcome to my blog everyone and happy Halloween! 

Oh ‘tis the season to be scared (for fun of course). Halloween is an interesting holiday with quite the history. The origin of dressing up and getting candy actually stems from people wanting to be “mistaken” for a ghost or ghoul so the dead would not hurt them. The sweets came from people offering goods as a trade for safety from the ghouls. 

However, fast forward 2000 years and it is now a goofy holiday were children get a little spooked and hopped up on sugar rushes. Yet little do they know about the true origins of it. So, while you're out this Halloween dressed up in whatever spooky costume you have, remember that the dead might be out with you. 

Thanks for reading my blog, stay awesome, and stay spooky.