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Make It Count

What would you do with a $500,000 marketing budget if given absolute freedom? 

Scratch the marketing part, what would you do with half a million in general? Some might buy a fancy car others may pay off their student loans or even buy a house. 

Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat, my favorite YouTuber on the platform at the moment, decided to go on a spontaneous, worldwide exploration with his friend and fellow filmmaker, Max, in his adventure movie titled Make It Count. 

I love this piece from Casey. Even though it is an advertisement it is fresh, real, and exciting. There was absolutely no plan or preparation for this video just a run and gun type mentality and the desire to do something epic. The Nike product isn’t even featured in it aside from a couple seconds in the beginning. This blog is shorter than usual, as I just wanted to give a brief introduction to the video. Please take a couple minutes out of your day and make sure to check it out. I know it got my adrenaline pumping. 

As for this week I leave you with this short movie from my favorite YouTuber. Click here to see the video. ​Enjoy!