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Post Midterms

​There's no better week than week 7. Midterms are over, a few classes may not have as much homework because class time was used for the exams or presentations, and students everywhere can take a big sigh of relief. Well…at least for three more weeks we can. 

Yes, midterms may be over and Halloween just happening may have you thinking about the holidays already, but you can't clock out just yet! 

I personally find the post-midterm era of courses to be very interesting. In some classes there are students that have decided to pursue new studies and others students have a new boost in their confidence. 

The post-midterm era is something I thought would be cool to write about after the things I have experienced personally and seen in other people. For example, last year after spring quarter midterms the universe decided to become really awesome. The weather became amazing, the birds came back to chirp, and spring love was in the air with summer not too far away. But where was I? Staring at all of it from behind my class window. Indeed it can be very easy to stop worrying about classes after midterms. In some classes, I have even seen what I feel can only be described as: “The Post-Midterm Apocalypse.”  This is when the population of the class goes from 30 to 10 within a day. It is very easy to do many things online nowadays as about 90% of what I need from my courses can be found on D2L. However, it is still important to lug yourself to class and to finish strong. Mainly for two reasons. One: you will do better in your class, that B could be a B+ or even an A- as long as you finish strong, and two: after all the stress, coffee, work, and insomnia (not the cookies) the reward of lying in bed and having nothing to worry about will be that much more satisfying! 

Thank you for reading my blog today, as always stay awesome and have a good day!