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Professor Help

“Help me I'm failing!” Ever screamed that out to yourself before, or thought it while trying to study for a class? No need to worry! For the first time in my college career I found myself looking for a little extra guidance for my class. It was my Intro to Computer Scene class and I was working on this one problem that for some reason I could not figure out. I had spent 8 hours working on it and had three different files saved that were attempts to complete the problem and yet, nothing. When I fixed one thing a different thing got messed up, or when I tried a new method I got an error. Needless to say, the whole thing was a disaster.

So I did what any good student should do, I gave up.

Just kidding.

I submitted what I had and told my professor if I could meet with him for some help. Even though I was getting a bad grade on the assignment I still wanted to know how to solve it for future reference. So I made an appointment with him during his office hours and we met, worked out the problem, and I learned. Moral of the story, do not ever be afraid to ask for help and get some extra assistance whether it be from a tutor, the professor, or anyone else. Failing sucks, but it can be prevented.

Thank you for reading my blog as always stay happy, stay cool, stay passing, and of course stay awesome!

Josue Angel Ortiz