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The Perspective Blog

​Perspective is quite an interesting topic. For example, one person is being robbed and another person intervenes by attacking the robber. However, the victim runs away and now a random citizen walks by only to see a man beating up another man for no reason. That man might intervene to save the robber not knowing the incident that occurred five seconds before. As much as we think that we know what is going on, the truth is we don't. We only know what people tell us or what we can identify for sure. I can walk down the street in baggy clothes with my pants sagging and my laces undone and people will observe me a certain way, but then I can change into super tight clothing and put on makeup and now I am something else. Perspective creates issues but it is essential in creating order. 

During times of elections there is always tons of propaganda; this guy said this and that lady said that so on. Yet, with all these commercials, flyers, and buttons going around, do we even really know anything about our candidates? I would say no, not at all. In fact, this candidate could say one thing and actually feel completely differently. We do not see these people wake up in the morning or hang out in their house, so our perspective of them is only what they want us to know. Now this isn't a bad thing either because I wouldn't exactly feel comfortable knowing what pajamas Obama wears to bed.

The reason I decided to write about perspective today is because I have been getting bombarded with flyers, junk mail, and candidate supporters lately due to the campaigns for state representative. I appreciate the work from all the candidates to campaign their name as much as possible, but some of the stuff can get a bit silly sometimes. To conclude this blog I just want to say to anyone interested in politics, law, or really just in life, that you should always remember that your perspective is one of many. Be critical in this information sharing age of ours and remember that everyone and everything has something about them that you may not know.

Thanks again, stay awesome!​