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Tips for Finals Week

Finals, that's all I can say and that's all I can think about. Finals here, finals there! What am I going to do? Well, here are a few tips to stay relaxed during some of the most stressful times of your life:

Number one:

Do you have a dog? Dogs have scientifically been proven to relieve stress in people. In fact, DePaul offers a fun activity called “Canines on Campus” were they bring dogs onto the quad and let students pet them and play with them. Not a dog person? No worries!

Number two:

Surround yourself with cool, fun people that will help you relax not add to the pressure and stress you already have. Friends are important and if you need someone to sing you a goodnight song, well they might just be the one. Don't like people? Once again you are in luck!

Number three:

Take five minutes out of your study time to enjoy something. Click away from your d2l tab and watch a funny YouTube video or buy one of those battery powered massage items and put it on your back. Don't want to take time away from your studies? Well you are again in luck!

Number four:

Set a goal for yourself. What are you going to do after midterms? Make plans with friends, family, loved ones for a super, awesome fun day of awesomness. Go out to eat at a fancy restaurant, go to an amusement park, or a road trip. You are in college my friend, the opportunities are endless!

None of these work out for you? Well, I tried. A for effort? I wish my professors believed in that.

Thank you - as always my name is Josue A. Ortiz. Keep it classy, keep it awesome, and most importantly, keep it as stress free as possible.