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Why I Became an Education Major Part 2

​I’ve never been good at math. Strike that. I’ve never been good at golf (assuming that never shooting below 100 on 9-holes qualifies you as “not good”). I’ve always been god awful at math. I was so bad at math that when I came across this answer on, I had to do a double take and wonder if one of my old teachers had uploaded an old test of mine.

(As an aside, if you ever want to have a laugh and be completely terrified for the future of America, is a great site to go to).

The thing is, I'm not as bad at math as  I think I am. I wasn't bad at it as a kid, but that changed when I went to high school. I found myself having greater and greater difficulty with the subject. To make matters worse, I had a teacher, who for whatever reason, always made me feel like I couldn't handle the material. Our personalities just didn't sync up and it bled over into my coursework. Eventually, I wound up convincing myself I wasn't smart enough to handle it, and that stuck with me for years.

After graduating high school, I went years without taking a math class. (When you change colleges every six months this is easier to do then if you have any intention of actually graduating). Finally, I was forced to take a math class. The experience would change my life. The teacher I had in that class was the best educator I’ve ever had the privilege to work with. All of a sudden, I understood everything. Math, which had seemed impossible, was suddenly simple.

Likewise, the question of what I would do for free, became simple as well. That. That is what I wanted to do. Give student who felt they had been cast aside a second chance. Show people that ]even in subjects they don’t consider themselves good at, they can exceed their own wildest expectations. To find the people that everyone else had given up on, the people who had convinced themselves they weren’t smart enough. That is what led me to teaching.