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Preventative Care

washing hands

As someone who has been sick for weeks now, I just want to provide a friendly reminder of proper hygiene.

This is not supposed to be a scare tactic, but I know I am not the only one who will every once in a while think what I have touched. All the doorknobs, railings on the CTA, buttons in elevators; I mean, I have to touch four door handles just to get from the street to my apartment room. It kind of sounds like the mindset of germophobe, but it is reality. It’s enough to make me wash my hands before every meal, but even the way one washes their hands may be wrong. Unless the soap you’re using specifically says that it is antibacterial, then the only way you’re killing the bacteria is with hot water, but I doubt most people will wait for the water to heat up. I witness so many patrons who will throw their hands under the sink for two seconds, probably just to avoid being judged for not washing their hands, but they might as well not even do that since it’s ineffective.

I recall my freshman year where there was a stomach flu outbreak in the dorms, and I believe there were thirty or so cases alone in Seton Hall. Luckily, not one of my roommates nor I came down with the stomach flu. Nonetheless, how many people actually disinfect surfaces? People will commonly think the toilets are “dirty” and they aren’t necessarily wrong, but studies show that the screens on your smartphones carry ten times the germs than your toilet seat. Just think about it, how many times do you actually sanitize your phones, keyboards, and other electronics? 

Once again, I’m not attempting to cause mass hysteria but rather make some of you rethink your habits and personal hygiene, especially during cold season.