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Digication at DePaul

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If you go to DePaul, chances are you’ve had to make at least one Digication e-portfolio .  As a current senior, I’ve made at least six over the years! 

So what is Digication? 

Digication is an online platform that allows you to curate text, images, video, files, and more in a creative and visually appealing manner.

Who uses Digication? 

Both DePaul students and faculty use the web platform.  The first-year writing program especially likes to use Digication to allow students to document and reflect upon their writing process.  I have also had to make Digication portfolios for my jobs as a Chicago Quarter Mentor and writing tutor at the UCWbL to help me monitor my progress in achieving my professional goals in these positions.  

What’s the point?

The point is to create a portfolio that keeps your work in one place so that you can see your growth.  Portfolios are not only helpful to look back on, but they can also be extremely beneficial in preparing for jobs that require you to document your experience and showcase your work in some way.  I am currently in the process of curating my teaching portfolio to highlight my philosophy, goals, and successful lesson plans alongside student work.

If you haven’t already, you will soon be exposed to the joys and sometimes frustrations of Digication e-portfolios.  Lucky for you, there are plenty of resources to assist you along the way.  And nothing beats looking at the finished product—a professional looking website that is entirely created and populated by you and your work.