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Premiere DePaul: A Preview of the Next Four Years

It was the end of June, just about a month after graduating high school, and it was already time to register for classes at DePaul.  But I later found out that registering for classes would be the last thing that we would do during the two-day orientation, known as Premiere DePaul

As I walked into the crowded Student Center, I was immediately directed into a long line that eventually led to a photographer.  It was time to get my DePaul ID! Little did I know that this would later be the key to swipe into U-Hall freshman year, Centennial sophomore year, and Sheffield Square junior year.

I then met my orientation leader and the other members of my group—all of whom happened to be girls.  We played a few icebreakers and learned each other’s names, hometowns, and future majors.  Another girl in my group was also interested in education, so we clicked right away!  With this group, we attended information sessions on DePaul academics, safety, and extracurriculars as well as taking a tour around campus. 

By the end of the long first day, I was excited for bed. All of the future freshmen filtered into Munroe Hall to find their rooms.  But my first night in the dorm was relatively sleepless because of all there was to do. On each floor, activities were held in the common area--everything from “spirit animal” readings to movies to munching on Insomnia Cookies.  In case you haven’t heard yet, Insomnia cookies are all the rage in college.  They deliver until 3 AM and are the key to surviving every all-nighter and orientation is when I was first introduced to this future obsession. 

The second day flew by and I was finally able to register for classes, which made the entire experience feel even more real.  And just like that, Premiere DePaul was over. On the way home, I thought about how excited I was to attend DePaul, which made waiting those next two and half months very difficult. But when it was finally time to move in—I was ready!