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Quick Quarters

Choose DePaul for the quarter system.  One of my favorite parts about DePaul is their schedule.  Although it stinks that many of my friends are graduating next weekend and I still have to wait another six weeks (not like I am counting down or anything!), the quarter system is worth it.  Why,  you may ask?

1. No Friday class!  DePaul schedules classes on Monday / Wednesday and Tuesday / Thursday, which means most students enjoy three day weekends.  There are some exceptions for music, theater, and science students, but I was lucky enough to consistently enjoy free Fridays.  This has been a difficult adjustment now that I am student teaching full time—the weekend is much too short!

2. It goes by quickly, which is especially great if you are not a fan of the class.  You don’t really have time to become bored with the material because you are always moving on to the next thing.  The quarter system has prepared me to learn things more quickly, which will serve me well in the workplace.

3. You get to take more classes, which means more variety.  While most schools shop for classes just twice a year, we get to do it three times a year!  This means more room for classes and don’t forget you can always tack on that extra two-credit ​class that piques your interest.

4. Worry-free breaks!  This is a big one.  Before each one of our breaks, we have finals, which means that there are no projects, homework, or studying to worry about while we are enjoying winter, spring, and summer breaks. 

5. And last but not least, you get to confuse people when you explain to them the quarter system schedule.  Is it quarters or trimesters?  Wait when do you get off?  You don’t go back until AFTER Labor Day?!