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Professional/Business Casual Attire

With it being more than halfway through the school year, and many job opportunities on the horizon – be it summer or full-time, you’ll need professional clothing. But you don’t always need an excuse to shop, you can treat yourself after these finals and indulge in some retail therapy like me. Here are some places I enjoy shopping at for a more professional look while not hurting my bank account.

LOFT : I always would walk by LOFT thinking it was a place my mom would shop at, but I was very wrong. I wish my mom shopped here. LOFT always has great sales where they usually put regular priced items at 40% off and 50% off on the clearance. They have clothes that are in style and various colors if you are looking to be bolder with your look.

Banana Republic Factory : A new store recently opened on State St. and there is also one on Clark St. - so easy access from both campuses. Banana Republic Factory also always has sales ranging from 30%-50% off items and they even have events where they give cash back coupons. Also, I personally think Banana has the comfiest business pants ever, so if you want to look good and be comfy I recommend pants from here.

Target : I know it sounds weird to shop for professional clothes at Target, but first of all, what can’t Target do? And second of all, they just launched a new line called What To Wear and the clothes are unique and can be worn professionally or for business casual events. Target’s Cartwheel app also has tons of additional offers where they usually have coupons for an additional percent off clothing.
Others: Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, T.J Maxx - All these stores are great if you like designer brands for a cheaper price. These stores are more of an adventure if you are looking for something specific because of their limited inventory, but definitely worth going to if you have the time and don’t need anything last minute.