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Best Vegetarian Spots in Town

I’ve been vegetarian my whole life, and although a lot of my friends worry about what I can eat when we go out for dinner, it’s never an issue. The past few years, I’ve seen a large growth in vegetarianism. There’s been a lot of research done showing how the meat industry hurts the planet and not just the animals, and it seems like some people and restaurants have added a lot of vegetarian options or they have been an increase in vegetarian food spots. I enjoy being vegetarian, and here are some of my favorite spots that are either entirely vegetarian or offer great vegetarian options.

This is definitely one of my favorite taco places in the city. Although tacos are pretty easy to get as a vegetarian, Velvet Taco has 3 vegetarian tacos that are all delicious. My favorite one is the Paneer taco. Velvet Taco is currently located in the Gold Coast, but they are opening a Lincoln Park location soon and I cannot be more excited. 

vegetarian tacos

If you ever find time to go to West Loop (which you should) there are tons of fancy restaurants. One of my favorites is Bad Hunter which is a high-end vegetarian restaurant. Their menu changes according to what’s in season and their food is served in smaller portions to be eaten as tapas. 

The Chicago Diner is known for its vegan menu. There is one in Lakeview not too far from the Lincoln Park campus and a larger location in Logan Square. Everything is so good and filling! I highly recommend getting a milkshake from here because they have best milkshakes I’ve ever had!