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Winter Break Trip to India

Not only did I study abroad in Switzerland during my break, I also spent the majority of it in India. Over the past six weeks, I’ve learned how much I enjoy traveling and the way it forces me to get out of my comfort zone. I hope this post and these pictures inspire you to travel too.

After my 10 days in Switzerland ended, I flew straight to India where I met my cousin who was flying in from the states. My family is from Gujarat and although we spent some days there, we spent about half of our time in India in Kerala which is a state in the Southern part of India. Kerala was a place my cousin and I always wanted to tour.

Here’s the gist of our itinerary:

Day 1: Flew into Kochi. Explored old Kochi, Jew Street, a beautiful synagogue, went to the beach and learned about Chinese Fish nets- which is a special way to fish in that area.

Day 2: Went to Munnar where we stayed in a hill station. I was amazed at how green this place was, it didn’t look real.

Day 3: Spent the day in Munnar where I rode an elephant, visited tea gardens and a tea museum (a specialty of this area), visited a spice garden, saw some waterfalls.

Day 4: A day in Thekkady where we did a jeep safari up a few large hills where we got to put the top down and enjoy the ride. We also saw a Kathakali (Kerala traditional dance) show along with a Kalaripayattu show (Kerala martial arts).

Day 5: In the morning we went to a Periyar Tiger Reserve where we did a scenic boat ride and saw many animals from our boat. Then we stayed on a houseboat in backwaters of Alleppey where we stayed overnight and had the most amazing chef. Staying on a boat for an entire day was so much fun. It was better than a cruise because it was a personal house on water which moved between giant fields of rice.

Day 6: This day we got to our hotel in Kovalam which was on a white sand beach so this day we just enjoyed our time on the beach.

Day 7: Our seventh day was Christmas and we spent it in Kanyakumari which is the tip of India. I thought the geography of this point was so cool because it is where 3 bodies of water meet, the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. It was hard to get the Christmas feeling because we were in 90+ degree weather but the drive back that night had a Christmas feeling. We drove past so many churches and long streets filled with lights - more than I’ve ever seen.

Day 8: Our last city was Thiruvananthapuram- the Capital of Kerala. We went to oti (traditional clothing), could not bring anything at all with us, and had to be covered in certain ways even with the heat. The experience was great and worth it because the inside of the temple was one of the most beautiful temples I have been too, and I’ve been to a lot.