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Off Campus Eats: Keeping Warm at Andy’s Thai Kitchen

Chicago is known to have bitterly-cold and snowy winters. This year has been no exception, as the city was recently the lucky recipient of almost two feet of snow AND temperatures that are well below zero. A bit of snow should never put a damper on plans though, especially if those plans involve delicious food. If you are looking for a way to experience warmth without actually escaping the city, I have the perfect restaurant recommendation: Andy’s Thai Kitchen.

Andy’s Thai Kitchen is a short train ride away from the Lincoln Park campus, situated in the heart of Lakeview. It is located steps off of the Wellington brown line, which is perfect considering the fact that nobody wants to walk far in this weather. The restaurant specializes in unique Thai dishes that are freshly made to order. It is a small restaurant so I definitely would not recommend going here with your entire dorm room floor (maybe order takeout in that situation!) but it is a great atmosphere for you and a friend or two. It would also be a great place to go on a date, if that’s your thing!

Food options include traditional Thai dishes such as steamed dumplings, egg rolls, Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, and fried rice. There are also exciting and distinctive dishes such as Kai Tod (deep fried marinated half-chicken with Thai spicy sauce), pork neck (grilled with a spicy lime sauce), and grilled squid (broiled with a spicy chili garlic) for those looking to go on a food adventure. I enjoyed the Boat Noodle Soup, which consisted of beef brisket, pork skins, Chinese broccoli, bean sprouts, and thin rice noodles in a spicy and sweet soup broth. It was different from what I usually order (I typically go for the Pad See Ew because I’m a creature of habit) but absolutely delicious. I would also recommend the Sunshine Beef as an appetizer, which is a Thai beef jerky.

I have been to many different Thai restaurants in Chicago but Andy’s is one of my top picks. The Lakeview neighborhood is full of awesome restaurants that are worth braving the cold weather for. I might be a little bias because I live in Lakeview, but I would not steer you wrong when it comes to food. If you go to Andy’s, definitely try something that you would not normally order. The restaurant uses natural and fresh ingredients that are guaranteed to give you a great meal. If you really do not feel like leaving your dorm room – and that is completely understandable – they have a delivery option, which is easily one of the best parts about living in Chicago. GrubHub for the win! Enjoy!