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Textbooks: A Guide

By Rose Montag / August 12, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
New DePaul students often have questions about purchasing textbooks for classes. This is a helpful guide designed to give you an overview of the process. If you have questions, you can always contact the bookstore at 773-325-7177.
You can find your textbooks by following these steps:
1.    Go to Campus Connect and log into your account.
2.    Click the “Manage Classes” section, which will be one of the tiles on the main page.
3.    Click on “View My Classes”
4.    Click on the arrow next to the room assignment for a class (this will bring up a pop-up window so make sure pop-ups are enabled. 
5.    Click "Textbook/Other Information"
6.    Any materials that have been submitted by your professor will be listed.

This is what it should look like. 
Most professors will not post textbooks until a few weeks before classes start, so keep that in mind. If you find that you click on the link and it says “materials not yet assigned,” this means that nothing has been posted yet. Do not fret, the textbooks will be listed soon enough!
Furthermore, some classes will not have textbooks. Remember, however, that there is a difference between "materials not yet assigned" and "no text required." Make sure to read everything listed on the page, as understanding the proper terminology is important.
These are the primary categories in which your textbooks will be sorted:
The textbook is required for classes. In some cases, you can save money by purchasing an older edition of the textbook. Use your best judgement with this, as you probably do not want to buy a textbook from 1999. If it is from 2012 - present, you might be ok. When in doubt, check with your professor.
Package Component
Also required, there are often textbooks that have multiples “parts” to them. For example, a textbook for a math class might also have a practice book included with it. In many cases, you can purchase these items as a packaged deal.

The “package component” option is essentially like buying the different “parts” individually. Instead of making one purchase of the textbook + the practice book, you could make two purchases: first the textbook, and then the practice book.

If you purchase the textbook as a packaged deal, you do not need to worry about the “package component.” Again, this option is like shopping a-la-carte for different parts of your required books. It is probably easiest to just purchase the entire textbook at once, thus receiving one package in the mail instead of multiple packages.

From the bookstore’s website: “A ‘package component’ is a title that is part of a required course materials package for your course. Be careful not to buy both the complete package and components separately.” So basically - one or the other. Do not buy the required textbook and the package components.
E-Book Option
Some textbooks have an electronic version available. It will be the same thing as the physical book, so you only need to purchase this or the hardcopy. This is a matter of preference, as your professor will likely be okay with either option.
Bookstore Recommended
These are not required by your professor; rather, they are suggested by the bookstore to help you become familiar with the actual textbooks required for your class. You may purchase them, but you do not have to.

Go to Class First
Go to class before you purchase these textbooks. Typically your professor wants to give you more information before you purchase them.

Hopefully, this helps, and happy learning!

Loop Campus Eats: Good Stuff Eatery

By Rose Montag / March 5, 2015 / / Twitter / Facebook /
If you’re new to Chicago, allow me to share some very important information with you: we have some of the best burger places in the country. My personal favorites include Au Cheval, Red Hot Ranch, DMK, and Edzo’s. Other top-ranked options include Kuma’s Corner, Butcher & the Burger, Rockit Burger, and Burger Bar. Seriously, the options are endless. Lucky for DePaul students, another fantastic option recently opened steps away from the Loop campus: Good Stuff Eatery​.

Good Stuff originated in Washington D.C., and decided to bring the party to the Midwest when they opened their Chicago location. There are 13 different burger options, including the award-winning Prez Obama burger (Applewood bacon, onion marmalade, Roquefort cheese, and horseradish mayo sauce) and the Michelle Melt (turkey burger, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, and Southlawn herb garden mayo). Political opinions aside, these burgers are award-winning for a reason. The toppings are fresh, the sauces are unique, and the burgers themselves are cooked to perfection. Even better? For those health freaks out there – or am I the only one? – you can make any burger a chicken sandwich AND request to have a lettuce wrap instead of the bun. You simply ask for them to “shun the bun!”

My friends and I enjoyed a few different burgers: Spike’s Sunnyside, which had a fried egg on it. No other explanation needed for that one, it was amazing. We also enjoyed both of the Obama burgers, and I fell in love with the classic turkey burger. It came with fresh guacamole and the aforementioned lettuce wrap, and it was fantastic. The burger prices range from $7-10, and they are filling enough to help you conquer your classes with a full stomach and the ultimate level of happiness. It’s good stuff!

source: Good Stuff Eatery
Not only does Good Stuff have delicious burgers, they also have a generous selection of milkshake and malt options. They are available in regular size (read: giant) or the kids version. Creative options include toasted marshmallow, cookies and cream, red velvet, and your typical vanilla and chocolate shakes. We tried the “Milky Way Malt” and it was great. The milkshakes are super thick, which is always the best option in my book. For a perfect meal, I would recommend a burger, a milkshake, and a generous helping of their freshly made fries. There is even a dip bar for your order of fries, complete with four different homemade mayonnaise-based sauces. 

I think Good Stuff certainly sets itself apart from other burger joints in Chicago, and it is certainly a welcome addition to the ever-expanding urban burger scene. Add in the fact that it is a mere two blocks away from campus (it is right by Adams and Wabash), and you have got yourself burger heaven. I would recommend it as a place to grab a quick bite to eat when you find yourself travelling to or from your Loop campus classes. Or just take a trip down there for the food alone. Food is a good enough reason to go absolutely anywhere. Enjoy!