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The Annual Board of Trustees Luncheon

This past week, I was honored to attend the Annual Board of Trustees ​Student Luncheon. Besides a mouthful of words, what was it, exactly? That's exactly what I was asking myself the day of the event, as I was walk-running (a personal favorite exercise routine for me) toward the Student Center​, three minutes late for my scheduled arrival time. I had received an email, asking me to wear business casual attire (I'll take any excuse to dress up and feel like an adult!) and thanking me for participating in this informal "Q & A session"- did that mean I had to get up and speak in front of everyone?! I secretly hoped not. ​

I walked up to the third floor of the Student Center- a place I had only ever gone to receive my mail, stop by the University Ministry office​, or lounge around on the comfy seats- and picked up my fancy name tag and table assignment. As I walked into the large room, I saw 12 tables full of students from various schools within DePaul. When I walked over to my table, I was happy to see that one of my friends from the Theatre School​ was also sitting at my table; we represented the artistic majors at DePaul. After speculating what we would be doing, we were eventually asked to join a table of other majors because we did not have enough people at ours.

We joined our new table and became acquainted with everyone there: there were 8 of us students and two men on the Board of Trustees. I learned that we were simply having a delicious lunch with these members of the Board, sharing about ourselves, our experiences at DePaul, and recommending improvements where we see needs. I ended up being seated next to one of the Board members, a prestigious, nice man. He ended up asking me a lot of questions about myself and my time at DePaul. It was great to share my DePaul story and my thoughts about what could have made it even better.

After we all shared, each tab​le was asked to write down everything we had told the Board members about and present it to the rest of the room. It was a great time to hear about other programs and needs within our school and to see such mature, inspiring peers of mine be so passionate about DePaul. We finished our three-course meal and all said our goodbyes as the two men at our table left to attend a meeting with the rest of the Board members. I loved that both men were incredibly understanding and patient with listening to our opinions. It meant a lot to me that we could all come together over our common love of DePaul and work toward making it a better place.