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Chicago: Feeding Your Shopping Addiction

Now that my recital is over, I have been able to explore the city and all the amazing things it offers a bit this past week. And this weekend, I did one of my favorite activities: shopping! 

Whether you're not that into it or are a shopaholic, it's helpful to know where some major shopping areas are, so I'll share about the stores I usually go to when I need a pair of shoes, a table, or a jacket.

North State Street​ (Off the Monroe red line​ stop):

Nordstrom Rack: If you are looking for classier, slightly more expensive clothing, go to The Rack. They have a great selection of accessories, and casual and fancy dress for men and women.

H&M: This is my favorite store! I view it as sort of an older version of Forever 21 with slightly better quality. There are a variety of styles of clothing sold in the store for both men and women. My favorite thing about the store? Their super cool chandelier!

Payless Shoesource: I am obsessed with this place! I have gotten multiple pairs of flats, heels, and sandals here. If you are looking for affordable shoes, go here. 

There is a Ross, TJ Maxx, and a Target store right around State Street as well with great prices and products!

Water Tower Place​ (Off the Chicago red line​ stop):

Macy's: This Macy's store, as well as the one off of State Street (check that out when you're hitting up the other State Street stores!), is beautiful! I highly recommend going to both Macy's stores during the winter because they put up beautiful Christmas decorations and have a giant Christmas tree inside, in a dining area called The Walnut Room. ​

​​Forever 21: While I have recently become enamored with H&M, Forever 21 is a great store for younger women- especially college students! They offer a great variety of styles of clothing, and the store inside this mall is two floors of fashion heaven. 

Marbles: The Brain Store: If you are tired of looking at so much clothing, check out this super cool store! They have a great variety of interesting games and toys that work your mind as well as your hands. The employees are super friendly and love to show you things. I just bought a complicated puzzle of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" that I cannot wait to start! 

The LEGO Store: Another fun place to go is this big LEGO store in the mall. It is full of different kits and huge figurines made up of thousands of Legos, making it a neat place in which you can explore and embrace your inner kid!​

Thrift Stores:

Crossroads Trading Co.: Crossroads is a slightly more expensive used clothing store with very fashionable, cute clothing for both men and women. My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this store one day and found so many great things for both of us! ​

Salvation Army: There is a large Salvation Army just a short walk away from campus, and it is full of excellent deals! I am not even exaggerating when I say that I got a designer blazer for $.50 because of a huge sale they were having once! They also have great used furniture, dish ware, decorations, and appliances that are perfect for college students who are furnishing their first apartments. ​

So if you want to explore all the retail options the city has to offer, start with these! But prepare yourself to be intensely sore, tired, and hungry after! Once you are at that point, you should check out my posts about junk food ​in Chicago!