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Rachel's Wedding: Hogle To Hall!

Something that I will always hold against my sisters is that they both decided to get married over a weekend in May when I was still in school. My older sister, Rebecca, got married two years ago over Memorial Day weekend, and my other sister, Rachel just got married this past weekend- almost two exact years to the day from Rebecca's wedding. And both of them decided to get married in the Georgia heat....why?! I guess the facts that we all grew up in Georgia, and that weddings in May are beneficial for multiple reasons had something to do with it. Actually, I’m not upset with them for choosing those dates for their weddings - I haven't minded escaping from school during that last stretch of work and finals to spend time with my family and celebrate with my dear sisters! And what a special time it has been at both events.

As you all know, Rachel has had quite the debut on my blog, so you can tell how much she means to me! That’s why it’s probably an understood thing that I approached her wedding with great feelings of joy and excitement for her, and also sadness in letting her go. Ask any twin who is very close to his or her other half, and you will often find that when one twin gets married it almost feels like the twins are going through a divorce, as the married twin forms a close bond with another person. However, Rachel had dated her husband, Daniel, for six years, so I had plenty of time to process this change and accept it. I could not be happier for them! And who helped give her that happiness? I DID. ​

I like to joke about that a lot, but it is sort of true. You see, Rachel and Daniel first met and started dating because my high school boyfriend and I set the two of them up to join us for a double-date my and Rachel’s sophomore year of high school. They were both quiet and awkward due to nerves, but apparently something intrigued both of them about the other, and they continued to date. After 5 months of dating, Rachel and I transferred to Interlochen Arts Academy to study music more intensely our last two years of high school, and they continued to do long distance for the 5.5 years after those 5 months. It’s really remarkable and inspiring that they were so committed to one another all those years! And I saw them grow together so much during those times they were so far apart.

The wedding weekend was also special for me because I was able to reunite with my two best childhood friends, Saureh and Erin, for the first time in half a year. Before that last visit together, we hadn’t all been together in three years. So the four of us had a blast, giggling and swapping stories of the memories of our 13 years of friendship. It was a sweet time.

The wedding day was full of so much love and happiness. Rachel and Daniel were married at Waters Mill in Dahlonega, Georgia, under an arbor in a beautiful grassy field. I started crying the moment I saw my angelic sister step onto the stone aisle. I then turned to her soon-to-be-hubby and saw tears overflowing from his eyes, and I lost it! We were all beaming with tears running down our cheeks as she approached the altar with my dad. My dad, being the incredible man he is, was making jokes the entire time he stood there with her. We all laughed and cried and then laughed and cried some more. 

Once the ceremony finished, the bridal party stayed behind to take pictures with the newly Mr. and Mrs. Hall, and we all tried our best to continue to look good, despite the intensity of the hot Georgia sun. The best man, Evan (who is the boy I dated and was my partner in setting Rachel and Daniel up!!), and I hurried into the reception hall once the pictures were done to mentally prepare ourselves for our toasts and the surprise we had planned. What was this amazing surprise? I am so proud of myself for this, but I had actually kept a secret from Rachel for months now - I secretly recorded Rachel and Daniel sharing their takes on each of their significant relationship moments and played it at the reception! And they absolutely loved it. It meant so much to me to surprise them and to give them such a personal gift, and I was also relieved that they weren’t mad at me for keeping some of their funny stories in the recording! 
After all of my stressful duties were over, I sat with Saureh and Erin and ate the delicious cake. We eventually hit the dance floor, but before we knew it, we were in the Bridal Suite, quickly throwing everything of Rachel’s into a bag so we could dump it into her and Daniel’s car before they drove off! Just seconds after we shut the door with all of their things, Rachel and her husband drove off in their car that was perfectly decorated by the groomsmen (which was a surprise to us bridesmaids, as the boys had lied to us and told us they had forgotten the materials to do it!). My family and I lingered to help clean up and then ran some errands before we hosted a taco party for the guests at the house we had rented for the weekend. It was a great time to continue catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in six years and enjoy nature before heading back to the city.

I am now back in Chicago and - ready or not! - am approaching my final two weeks of college. I feel extreme thankfulness right now - for a weekend away, for lifelong friendships, for unending love and devotion, for celebrating the joys of life together. I am so happy for both of my sisters and love my two brothers-in-law dearly and hope to marry someone someday that will complete the trio of boys in a perfect harmony! And who knows when that will be?! I mean, I DID catch Rachel’s bouquet at the wedding! Although, I’m going to focus on one year at a time. 

Next stop: graduation.
Next, NEXT stop: ALASKA!