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Fall at DePaul!

​I have thought long and hard about every season and why I like each one. I have decided that I love the beginning of every season- when everything feels new- because it is always nice to have a change, both in the temperature and in the way things look in the world around us. Fall is no exception. I love seeing the trees change colors; leaves become the reflection of fire, with their burnt orange and hot red appearance. The air has a slight sense of winter coming in it, with its crispness reflecting the crisp crunches of the fallen leaves beneath our feet. There is something so beautiful about the way the DePaul campus looks in the Fall, which makes me especially excited to walk to the School of Music building every morning. The trees that inhabit the School of Music parking lot are some of the grandest, most inspiring around Chicago. I love to sit at the table beneath those trees and eat my lunch or just sit for a second. In addition to simply enjoying the beauty of the DePaul campus in the Fall, there are other great activities I enjoy doing in the Fall at DePaul.

1. Going for walks to the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool.
There is a gorgeous, serene pond full of lilypads, a 10-minute walk away from the School of Music. The benches and rocks placed around the pool are perfect places to sit along the winding, rocky path encircling the pond. The Lily Pool is a great spot to go sit alone for a while or with a friend, especially as the trees hanging over the pond are also a beautiful array of colors this time of year.

2. Drinking Bourgeois Pig hot chocolate.
“The Pig” is one of my favorite cafes in Chicago, especially because it is 3 minutes from the School of Music, and there is great oldies jazz music played through the speakers! The Pig serves a variety of food and drinks that are all very unique and delicious. One of my favorite things to order as the weather gets colder is a maple bacon scone and some Mexican hot chocolate, served in an inviting, homey mug.

3. Going to the Lincoln Park Zoo.
One of my favorite things to do when I have a few free hours any day of the week during the Fall is to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. The zoo is a 15-minute walk from the School of Music, and get’s free! Completely free. Going in the Fall is always the perfect time to go because it is neither unbearably hot, nor unbearably cold. I love Instagramming the various farm animals, monkey, and seals. So if you are missing your pet at home and need an animal fix, go to the zoo!

4. Drinking Starbucks chai tea latte.
Yes, two of my favorite Fall activities is centered around drinking warm beverages! In addition to stopping by the Pig cafe, I also always enjoy going to Starbucks and ordering a warm chai tea latte. Chicago is home to many-a-great Starbucks, two of which are within 5 minutes from the School of Music. I love sitting down with my tea and journaling or reading before my day starts. It is also incredibly likely that I will run into a School of Music friend while I am there because it, along with The Pig, is one of our main spots!

5. Exploring shops around Armitage.
Armitage is a train stop right by DePaul and is a 15-minute walk from the School of Music. It is full of a lot of cute, unique shops that are very fun to wander through. There are shops with fun accessories, clothing, and items from all over the world. Armitage also has an amazing chocolate shop and multiple Italian ice places!

So whether you are looking for a relaxing day full of warm drinks and quiet places or are craving adventure and sightseeing, embrace all that DePaul has to offer in the Fall!