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10 Reasons You Know You're a Music Major

​1. You have class on Frida​y.
If you didn’t already know, most majors at DePaul do not have classes on Fridays, with the exception of science, theatre, and music majors. Whether it’s piano, music theory, or ensemble rehearsal, you will most likely never get that three-day weekend- or at least not your first two years of college!

2. No matter what social setting you’re in, you always end up discussing music when you are around other music majors.
You just can’t help it. Your major isn’t just your major- it’s a way of life and a part of you. So whether you are out to dinner or having a party with your studio mates, chances are, you will end up talking about different famous performers you aspire to be like or etudes you all loathe.

3. You spend more time in a practice room in the School of Music than at your computer desk at home.
And people think this means you don’t have a legitimate major, but what they don’t realize is that practicing and making music often takes a lot more effort and energy than writing a paper or doing reading. Although you may not have a lot of academic homework, you usually end up working harder and having less free time than 90% of your non-music major peers.

4. You always have a pencil on you.
If you are in rehearsal without a pencil, you are preparing yourself to endure the wrath of public shame and disappointment. You know that having a pencil is a vital part of being prepared, so in turn, you often carry it around with you wherever you go.

5. You are always humming music and/or listening to music.
Whether you are listening to the repertoire you are currently performing/desire to play or are just calming yourself with a beautiful symphony or solo piece of some sort, you tend to walk around with headphones everywhere you go. And whether you are listening to music or not, you sometimes randomly burst into song or hum your favorite classical melodies.

6. You know how to maintain good posture.
Siting up straight is a natural part of how you compose yourself because any musician- from vocalists to wind players- knows that how you sit and stand greatly affects your abilities to perform your instrument.

7. You can’t enjoy any sort of music without analyzing it in some way.
Listening to pop songs without tearing them apart requires great restraint, and you may find yourself coming off as a music snob to non-musicians. Enjoying classical music performances also usually includes some sort of criticism or analysis of the performance and/or the music. You can’t turn it off or help it, which are both a curse and a blessing.

8. You might have a hicky, thumb callous, or permanent lip swelling from your embouchure.
You may have gotten strange stares from people on the train or have been asked what happened to your face, hands, or neck, but you eventually learn to just embrace your violin/viola hicky or the marks on your lips and hands.

9. Being sick or having any physical pain is a way bigger deal than it is for most people.
Being sick is infinitely worse, no matter what your instrument is. Vocalists avoid getting colds or sinus infections like the plague, and instrumentalists avoid anything that involves soreness and joint pain. And goodness forbid if we get tendonitis, carpal tunnel, or muscle pain!

10. Your whole life revolves around music, and you’ve fully accepted and embraced it…because you know that most people don’t get to create art on a daily basis. 
Although it gets overwhelming sometimes, you still love what you do and wouldn’t trade it for any other major.