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Enjoying Summer Weather in Chicago

​Finals are over, the sun is out and I know many are singing sweet freedom! My new bits of free times the last few weeks have allowed me to really enjoy the beautiful summer-like weather. The thing about Chicago is once spring and summer roll around, and the plants are in bloom, the sun is out, you completely forget about the harsh snowy winter that once was. There are many activities that can be enjoyed once the summer arrives. A simple, free, activity I love to engage in is simply walking around. I have made it my goal, spending my first full summer in the city, to get to know Chicago a little better and all that it has to offer. I love to lace up my sneakers and just walk around my neighborhood, and head to different neighborhoods as well. There is something so lovely about wandering around and coming across new  things to enjoy! 
DePaul's campus and Lincoln Park are in a walking distance of the beach overlooking Lake Michigan. Something I love to do with friends is take a nice walk down Fullerton Avenue, and head to the beach. It is a great place to walk around, take in the gorgeous view, and even bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the sun. Nearby are also the Lincoln Park Zoo, and also the Nature Conservatory next door which are both free to enjoy! 
The internet is a great way to find out fun things to do, events, and locations to enjoy this summer in Lincoln Park, but honestly wander around and stumbling upon things is often more fun! Just this week I took a walk down to the water, and brought my lunch and final readings for class-who says you can't enjoy the time you spend studying! This is my very first time spending an entire summer in Chicago, and I am looking forward to exploring and finding new treasures, I will start with my own neighborhood in Lakeview and expand from there, taking advantage of free events in Millennium Park, neighborhood celebrations, trying new restaurants and coffee shops, and anything else that suits my fancy. Finishing Junior year has reminded me that I have officially lived here in the city for 3 years, but I haven't really gotten to know it, and cannot really call myself a true Chicagoan yet. Who says just because school is out that the learning has to stop? I am planning to use this summer to really "use the city as my classroom" as DePaul likes to put it, learning about the city, and learning about myself. Cheers to a fun, rewarding, and safe summer DePaulians! Live well!