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College Night at Goodman Theatre

As an acting major, I always want to see the theatre that is happening throughout the city. Simply watching is a great way to learn about acting, theatre, and what I want to do professionally. Lucky for me, The Theatre School has all kind of hook ups with discounted or free tickets to various shows throughout the city. Unfortunately, when rehearsing for my own shows, I never have enough time to see them all! One awesome deal that I love to take advantage of is College Night at the Goodman Theatre. 

The Goodman Theatre, located in the Loop, has been hosting College Nights for local students over the past couple of years.  For the small price of $10 you can expect to be served pizza in the lobby of the theatre, with a social hour to meet and chat with the other college students there. Then, a cast member from the show will come out to speak with the students and answer questions from them as well. This is always an interesting event because many of the students there are also studying theatre, and it is a great way to ask the cast members about the starts of their careers, the professional world, and for advice on how we can make it there ourselves. Then, of course, you get to see the play. So, dinner, and a show (with some interesting conversation between) for just $10. That is absolutely my kind of deal for a great night at the theatre. I have attended about 4 college nights at the Goodman over the past few years, seeing a few of their shows, and I always have an enjoyable time.

This past Wednesday a classmate and I went to go see their current show, Another Word for Beauty by Jose Rivera. We took the train straight from campus to the loop, and were able to seek refuge from the cold in the warm and inviting theatre. By showing our DePaul ID’s we were able to pick up our tickets and head upstairs to feast on the various kinds of pizza laid out on the long table of the lobby. I always know to get there early so you can get enough pizza and a place to sit! We munched and mingled until it was time to hear from the guest speaker. Not to our surprise, it was Stephanie Andrea Barron, an actress who graduated from DePaul about 2 years ago. It is awesome to see a TTS Alum out there and working in one of the major theatres in the city, only 2 years after graduation. We listened to her speak briefly, then she left to get ready for the show and we were ushered into the theatre. 

On college night, the students are given tickets up in the mezzanine and not on the floor, but we were pretty close and still had a great view. This was a brand new show about a beauty pageant held in a Colombian women’s prison. The show was full of music and dancing, strong anti-war political statements and some silly things thrown in for good measure. I am always extremely interested in stories about people of color, written by people of color, so this show intrigued me for sure, and the cast was full of beautiful powerful women.

I am looking forward to the next college night held at the Goodman, as a college student I am always looking for a good deal and a good time!  Check out their website ​to see Another Word for Beauty, and their upcoming shows.

DePaul certainly has got the connections, you just have to look for them.