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Wellness Day at The Theatre School

As students prepare for finals, they can often wear themselves thin. With various projects, papers, and performances, students are very hard at work this time of the quarter, and can often be stressed out to the max. Over in The Theatre School ​building, The Theatre School Student Government Association, or TTSSGA, saw the students overworked and unable to take time to destress or take care of themselves. They came up with the idea to have Wellness Day, and event during the lunchtime hours in the TTS lobby. Needless to say, the overstressed students of TTS were very excited for this. 

On the day of the event students swarmed the lobby during their lunch breaks. As you walked into the lobby there was a table to the side giving out information on various health topics such as drug use, mental health, nutrition and more with a prize wheel giving out personal care items such as chapstick. The Box Office of the building had been transformed into a smoothie making station. Students from the TTSSGA surrounded by fruits and vegetables, were behind the counter blending up healthy smoothies for a long line of students. I sampled the mango-ginger and it was quite refreshing. Further into lobby was a station for students to get neck/back massages. Two professionals from the Ray Meyer Fitness Center brought massage chairs over to TTS and students signed up for 5 minute slots to rub away some of the tension they had been feeling preparing for finals. The last component of wellness day may have been the best - PUPPIES! Yes, you read that right, puppies! 4 registered therapy dogs of various sizes were stationed with their humans corners of the Merle Reskin lobby, and students could come and sit with them and pet them to their hearts content. I think many students would agree with my opinion that this was the most fun part of the event. It was so sweet and comforting to spend time with these sweet dogs. It really did calm and destress me to spend time petting my favorite canine visitor, who goes by the name Dude. 
During such a stressful time it is always nice to take a short moment to yourself to de-stress and recharge, do something that recharges your energy, even if just a little. Needless to say Wellness Day at TTS was a greatly appreciated and very successful event to lighten everyone's spirits as we prepare to get back to work to the hard work we all do. This is a great example of one of the ways Student Government can do good things for the student body.