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Sarah Fisher

I am Sarah Fisher. I am a DePaul senior studying Health Sciences and Spanish. I am in the Honors Program and the Pathways Program. I am on the leadership team with Cru DePaul, a Christian organization on campus. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do in nine months when I graduate. I am a writer for the DeBlogs. I am getting stressed writing this list, just thinking about how crazy my life is. I am slightly neurotic, stubborn, compassionate, and (I’m told) funny. I am looking forward to sharing with you my life, my experiences, and my adventures!

I was born in Chardon, Ohio, a small town known for maple syrup and snow located about an hour east of Cleveland. I came to Chicago to study Pre-Med and when that didn’t work out (thankfully), I turned my interest to Public Health and never looked back. Even though Chicago is a lot different from the small-town life I was used to in Chardon, I have fallen in love with this city and definitely feel at home amid the endless pizza places, the incredible lake views, and the countless Trader Joes​

In my (fleeting) spare time, I enjoy binge-watching “Gilmore Girls” and “Grey’s Anatomy” (they’re not shows, they’re life styles), reading Harry Potter for the five thousandth time, eating galleons of ice cream, babysitting little people, looking up dogs to adopt online, and exploring Chicago one U-Pass ride at a time.  

I try to avoid spiders, nuts hiding in/ruining brownies, rude people, anything to do with mushrooms or cats, coffee, freezing to death in the winter, and overpriced anything (most of these things are real struggles when living in Chicago).

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope you will continue on with me as I journey through my senior year!