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Apartment Living: Expectations vs. Reality

I lived in the dorms my freshmen year (Go Monroe!) and even though I had a good experience, I decided to live in an apartment my sophomore year. I lucked out by finding a teeny studio apartment a block away from campus. The location is so fantastic. As I was planning to live alone, I was quite excited to have a kitchen, bathroom, and the choice of how to decorate all to myself.

I definitely had a picture of how my life was going to be in my apartment, which my friends and I aptly refer to as the Fishbowl (a Fish[er] lives in a Fishbowl...get it? Give me this one bad pun, you guys). I thought I would be cooking meals for myself every night, that there would never be a dirty dish in the sink, and my place would be clutter-free, vacuumed, dusted, and spotless every day. Oh boy was I wrong! If I had no classes or responsibilities I’m sure my expectations would be fulfilled, but it’s crazy how life gets in the way of even the tiniest tasks like doing laundry.

Now, I’m not saying that my apartment is a pigsty. I am not a dirty person. I’m just saying that there are moments, and everyone has them, where I can be a bit messy. And I’ve discovered it is definitely not the end of the world. The dishes eventually get done (Can we get an AMEN for paper plates?), I’ve gotten quite speedy at vacuuming, and I’ve discovered a few go-to meals that take 15 minutes at the most to make.

Even though my life in the Fishbowl isn’t what I totally expected, it is still a joy. Every time I walk through my front door I am greeted with the personal touches that scream “Sarah,” and that leads to a peaceful, happy, cozy life in Château Bissell. 

You can't go wrong with Christmas lights and a map of our great city.